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  • Bättre skydd för ensamkommande flyktingbarn

    26 juni: Ensamkommande flyktingbarn ska i fortsättningen inte behöva skickas tillbaka till ett annat EU-land för att söka asyl. Det föreslår EU-kommissionen idag."Barnets rättigheter måste alltid komma...

  • Boosting the EU's response to radicalisation

    17 juni: The evolution of the terrorist threat and of radicalisation patterns call for more efforts to counter extremism that leads to violence. On 17th June, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström...

  • Yearly report on terrorism in EU

    28 maj: A total of 152 terrorist attacks were carried out in the EU last year. There was also a sustained number of Europeans taken hostage by groups or individuals linked to religiously inspired terrorism....

  • "Allow people to make use of their talents"

    15 maj: At a global forum on migration issues in Stockholm, Sweden, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström spoke about the need for a global agenda for labour mobility."It would help us...

  • Easier EU access for foreign experts

    15 april: With new EU legislation passed by the European Parliament this week, it will become easier for companies to bring highly specialised personnel to Europe."Companies that try to bring highly qualified...

  • Press conference: EU strategy against trafficking in human beings, June 2012

  • Kosovo visa liberalisation roadmap, November 2011

  • The Netherlands, June 2012

  • Press conference: Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum, June 2012

  • Italy, March 2012

  • Press conference: Strategy against trafficking in human beings

  • Visit to self-service passport controls at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

  • Press briefing: Visit by Georgian Minister for Foreign Affairs to discuss Visa Liberalisation Dialogue

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