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  • Easier EU access for foreign experts

    15 April: With new EU legislation passed by the European Parliament this week, it will become easier for companies to bring highly specialised personnel to Europe."Companies that try to bring highly qualified...

  • More flexible visa rules to boost growth

    1 April: Many non-EU nationals wishing to travel to the EU are often faced with cumbersome, lengthy and costly visa procedures. With proposals from the European Commission presented this week, procedures...

  • The future of Home Affairs policies

    11 March: How can the EU's work on migration, asylum and security-related issues further contribute to ensuring Europe is an open, prosperous and safe place to live and work for its citizens? The Commission...

  • European Cybercrime Centre – one year on

    10 February: What are the main future cybercrime threats on the horizon? And how has the European Cybercrime Center (EC3) contributed to protect European citizens and businesses since its launch in January...

  • First EU Anti-Corruption Report

    3 February: Corruption continues to be a challenge for Europe. Affecting all EU Member States, corruption costs the European economy around 120 billion euros per year. Member States have taken many initiatives...

  • Press conference: EU strategy against trafficking in human beings, June 2012

  • Kosovo visa liberalisation roadmap, November 2011

  • The Netherlands, June 2012

  • Press conference: Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum, June 2012

  • Italy, March 2012

  • Press conference: Strategy against trafficking in human beings

  • Visit to self-service passport controls at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

  • Press briefing: Visit by Georgian Minister for Foreign Affairs to discuss Visa Liberalisation Dialogue

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