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Joint EU humanitarian action being carried out by the European Commission and Member States © EU

Press release26/01/2015

Ukraine: New EU support for conflict-affected populations

"EU-airlift": three cargo planes with relief supplies are on their way to Ukraine. Christos Stylianides, the EU Commissioner for humanitarian aid also announced today (26 January) from Ukraine a new relief aid package worth €15 million.

Skyline of the financial district in Frankfurt © EU 2012 EP

Weekly meeting28/01/2015

Commission launches work on establishing a Capital Markets Union

The Commission has kicked off its flagship project to create a Capital Markets Union (CMU) with a first orientation debate at the College of Commissioners. The CMU ties in with the ambition to boost jobs and growth in the EU.

Two people shaking hands © EU

Press release27/01/2015

"EU Transparency Register": Better access to information

A new version of the EU Transparency Register is being launched today. This 'second generation' of the Register improves the accessibility to the website for organisations seeking to register and for the general public.

Lagar och politik

EU-kommissionen lägger fram lagförslag och andra initiativ inom många politikområden.

Bidrag och upphandling

EU stöder program och projekt genom olika finansieringsinstrument.

Att bo, arbeta och resa i EU

Dina rättigheter i EU: hjälp med problem och klagomål