På väg mot en energiunion


Kommissionen och dess prioriteringar


Press conference of President Juncker and the Heads of State and Government of France, Spain and Portugal


Connecting better the Iberian Peninsula with the EU energy market

President Jean-Claude Juncker met in Madrid with the Presidents of France and the Prime Ministers of Spain and Portugal to agree on ways to strengthen the connections of the Iberian Peninsula with the rest of the EU energy market.

Workers in a metro station in Athens


Social dialogue in Europe: together for a new start

The Commission organises in Brussels, a High-Level Conference bringing together leaders of European and national employers' and workers' organisations in order to better address the economic and social challenges faced in Europe.

Group photo of the College of Commissioners with Chancellor Merkel

Weekly meeting04/03/2015

College debates migration and neighbourhood and receives A. Merkel

The Commission received the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It also launched a consultation on the future of its relations with neighbouring countries and kicked off its work on a comprehensive "Agenda on Migration".

Lagar och politik

EU-kommissionen lägger fram lagförslag och andra initiativ inom många politikområden.

Att bo, arbeta och resa i EU

Dina rättigheter i EU: hjälp med problem och klagomål