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EUROPA - Audiovisual and Media Policies

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Audiovisual and Media Policies   

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The audiovisual sector directly employs over one million people in the EU.

It also plays a key social and cultural role - TV remains the foremost source of information and entertainment in Europe, with most homes having a television and the average European watching up to 4 hours a day. Audiovisual content is also increasingly accessed through on demand services.

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EU audiovisual and media policy is implemented in 4 ways:  

  1. Regulatory framework - mainly the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which aims to create an effective single European market for audiovisual media but also EU Recommendations on protecting children/minors online and European film heritage.
  2. Funding programmes - e.g. MEDIA, to complement national systems.
  3. Other measures – e.g. to promote online distribution of content (content online and media literacy) and media pluralism.
  4. Action outside the EU - especially defending European cultural interests in the World Trade Organization.


The Commission also participates in the European Audiovisual Observatory.

For background details see the EU audiovisual policy information centre including an "A to Z of Audiovisual Policy", Legal documents, Case laws, Conferences, Reports, Studies, FAQ, and an access to relevant Links and Tender procedures

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