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European Maritime Day

EMD In My Country events 2020 despite Covid-19 pandemic

Although the European Maritime Day (EMD) 2020 Conference (foreseen to be held in Cork, Ireland) had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis and the related social distancing measures, our EMD In My Country partners managed to organise many open air or virtual events.

Cancellation of European Maritime Day 2020

20 May is European Maritime Day. Every year the EU organises the EMD conference around that date. It is one of the highlights of the maritime calendar, with up to 1,500 stakeholders joining as we celebrate the blue economy.

200 EMD In My Country events for 2020!

EMD In My Country events are expanded in 2020 to all the EU sea basins. From the beginning of April till mid-July more than 200 events will take place in 18 EU and 3 non–EU countries: eco-tours and excursions in coastal areas, beach-cleaning activities, guided tours of ports by boat, visits to maritime museums, aquaria and shipyards, art exhibitions, workshops, conferences, seminars and many other activities with maritime themes.

EMD 2020 Exhibition – apply for a stand

EMD 2020 (Cork, Ireland, 14 &15 May) offers the opportunity to maritime stakeholders to participate at EMD Exhibition. A pitch stage which will take place in parallel during the two-day conference will add value to the exhibition, making it an ideal place for stakeholders to meet, exchange experience and discuss the latest developments on blue economy. Deadline: 15 March 2020.

Save the date: the 2020 European Maritime Day will take place on 14-15 May 2020 in Cork, Ireland

The 2020 edition of the European Maritime Day (EMD) will take place on 14-15 May 2020 in the City of Cork, Ireland. EMD is the annual two-day event during which Europe’s maritime community meet to network, discuss and forge joint action on maritime affairs and sustainable blue growth. The opening session will target the “EU Maritime Policy towards 2050” and the plenary session will focus on ‘Empowering Future Ocean Leaders’.

European Commission launches Blue Economy Report at European Maritime Day in Lisbon

Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella has opened the 2019 European Maritime Day conference in Lisbon. This year, the main focus is on boosting a “blue” economy, the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, through entrepreneurship, investment, and research and innovation. On this occasion, the European Commission launches the second edition of its Blue Economy Report.

138 EMD In My Country events for 2019!

This year EMD In My Country offers a big variety of events organised in 15 EU and 5 non-EU countries: beach-cleaning activities, guided tours of ports, workshops, conferences, seminars and exhibitions on maritime themes, eco-tours and walks in areas with significant maritime heritage (cultural, environmental), excursions by boat, visits to maritime museums or former ships, shipyards and port facilities etc.

Apply for a booth at the EMD exhibition

EMD 2019 will offer an upgraded Blue Expo experience and pitch stage in parallel with the two-day conference. It is an ideal place for stakeholders to meet, exchange experience and discuss the latest developments. Interested stakeholders have the possibility to rent an exhibition booth during the two-day conference to showcase innovative ideas, products and services related to the themes of the conference.

Submit your event, be part of European Maritime Day in My Country 2019!

In parallel with the EMD Conference in Lisbon (16 & 17 May 2019), a series of local EMD events will be organised all over Europe for the public at large. In 2018 73 EMD events in My Country took place around Europe, attracting thousands of participants, making a record in EMD history! Read our call and apply for your event. Deadline for applications: 15 February 2019.