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Euronews OCEAN episode 7: Women in fisheries

In this episode, we’ll discover the potential of innovative aquaculture to restore endangered marine ecosystems, produce traditional local seafood and provide valuable scientific material for cancer studies.

Euronews OCEAN episode 4: Ocean energy

<p>At the European Commission we know a thing or two about the impressive power of the ocean. But what if we use this power not just for food or health.</p>

WaveFarm creates industrial package

Wave energy is a highly valuable and predictable source of renewable power. Up to 10% of the EU’s energy can be harvested from waves by 2050, so the technology will be indispensable in reaching net-zero emissions.

Don't bin the skin

This is a snakeskin jacket. It’s a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom. Without any doubt one of the best movie quotes ever. But if “Wild At Heart” had been released in the 2020s, instead of the early 1990s, chances are Nicolas Cage’s idiosyncratic piece of garment might have been made from an entirely different sort of skin altogether: that of Atlantic salmon.

Euronews OCEAN Season 3 Episode 4 - Is Blue the new Black?

Fossil oil – commonly dubbed the “Black Gold” – is quickly losing its sparkle as countries and companies turn their back on the sticky fuel over concerns about climate change and environmental pollution. And it increasingly looks like the blue economy is ready to take over!

Public consultation on sustainable fisheries agreements open until 23 June

The Commission is launching an evaluation of the sustainable fisheries partnership agreements (SFPAs). For that evaluation, the feedback from public is very important. Therefore, the Commission has launched a public consultation, so that citizens and concerned stakeholders can give their views based on their experience and knowledge of SFPAs and their implementation.