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Public consultations

Public consultation for the Fitness Check of EU consumer and marketing law

Last update: 29/05/2017

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Consumer policy

date:  12/05/2016 - 12/09/2016

This online consultation took place between 12.05.2016 and 12.09.2016 in all EU languages. All citizens and organisations were welcome to respond.

The consultation dealt with six EU consumer and marketing directives covered by the ongoing Fitness Check:

In addition, it covered also the Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU , which is subject to a separate evaluation.

The findings of the Fitness Check will provide basis for future policy initiatives in this area. The consultation therefore also included forward-looking questions on the potential areas to modernise the EU consumer and marketing rules.

The survey questionnaire consisted of short questionnaires for individual consumer and for individual companies and of a more comprehensive questionnaire for other respondents. This 'full' questionnaire was optional for individual consumers and individual companies. The European Commission assessed the responses and published a summary in January 2017 (see further below). The in-depth analysis of the results fed into the Commission's final report on Fitness Check of Consumer and Marketing law and the final report on the application of the Consumer Rights Directive, all published here.

For more information, visit the webpage Review of EU consumer law.

Consultation questions

Survey questionnaire 

Replies to the consultation (added on 17 January 2017)

Next steps

The in-depth analysis of the replies and the final reports of the Fitness Check of Consumer and Marketing law and the evaluation of the Consumer Rights Directive were published.

As follow-up to these evaluations, the Commission has organised a new online public consultation focusing on targeted amendments.

Reference documents

Short description of the Directives subject to the consultation:

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