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    Technical University of Denmark

    Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU have developed an ultra high resolution laser printing technology. This new laser printing technology enables mass-customization of light-weight, flat optics with a wide application field, such as lenses, gratings, advanced optical filters, and optical sensor technology for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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    Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies - University of Zagreb

    Maritime research and activities related to exploration of maritime resources can be expensive, time consuming and dangerous. With our autonomous unmanned surface maritime vessels, commercial and societal end-user can save time and money, access shallow waters and confined spaces, have direct link with person or robot underwater, and use it as a research platform. With simple logistics and deployment, price and viable options for equipment integration, our vessels are unique and competitive on the market.

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    AvantiCell Science

    Industry demand for human immune cell models has grown rapidly with emergence of exciting immunotherapeutic strategies. AvantiCell cryo-technology uncouples immune cell isolation from preclinical use while retaining analytical value. Therefore, facilitates the development of new immunotherapies.

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    Fresnel Institute - Aix-Marseille University

    The metamaterial antenna improve radically medical imagery of body and brain, it creates a “patient-centered” solution that will pave the way for more accurate diagnostics in the context of personalized medicine enabling the earlier detection of diseases.

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  • Innovator

    MBN Research Center

    The developed computational tools allow for a radical advance in computational and numerical methods for multiscale modelling of the crystalline materials and relevant processes with high level of reliability and prediction.

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  • Innovator

    Institut Clinique de la Souris

    A new concept for modelling the initiation and the development of cancer in mouse models based on a combination of selected oncogened or tumour suppressor genes and a full spectrum of immune response to test new therapeutics before going into human treatment.

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    Music holds the power to reach and activate listeners on their deepest emotional level. The radical wavefront of accelerating digitalization has brought about a major paradigm shift in music production and consumption, with loop-based, bass-driven electronic formats undergoing an unstoppable boom. The I2C8 software, with its AI-driven kernel logic and idiosyncratic user interface, is among the first of a new generation of creativity-supporting and -enhancing tools seamlessly blending into this emerging development.

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    International Center of Unconventional Computing at the University of the West of England

    Fungi, plants and slime moulds have profound understanding of their environment. In the past, communicating with these creatures and plants was complicated, expensive and time consuming. With our newly developed technology these barriers have been broken down - giving everyone the opportunity to listen to nature and share their findings with the community.

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  • Innovator

    Imagine Optic

    Reducing drastically the dose of X-Ray absorbed by patients when 3D is required while keeping a good diagnosis performance will be possible thanks to the sensor developed by Imagine Optic.

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