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What is a country profile?

A country profile is a compilation of key information for each Member State used by the DG Health and Food Safety to support its control and monitoring activities.

The country profile includes:

  • The five most recently published audit reports
  • The Commission's assessment of the actions taken by the Member States in response to its audits and audit recommendations
  • An overview of how controls are organised in the Member States, based on information supplied by them
  • Relevant links to Member States' websites


Why have country profiles?

Each country profile provides a horizontal, country-based overview which:

  • facilitates the preparation of audits
  • supports and documents the systematic follow up of recommendations in audit reports
  • helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in official controls
  • assists the overall prioritisation of audits, and other monitoring activities
  • serves as a basic source of background information for stakeholders

Country profiles

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