Satisfactory results in animal breeding depend to a large extent on the use of domestic animals of high genetic quality. The Union's zootechnical legislation aims at the promotion of free trade in breeding animals and their genetic material considering the sustainability of breeding programs and preservation of genetic resources.

The basic aim of...

  • free trade in breeding animals and their genetic material

  • legal right for entry in a breeding book (herd-book, flock book, studbook) of the same breed

... is reached by harmonised rules on:

  • recognition of breeders' associations and breeding organisations

  • entry of purebred breeding animals in breeding books

  • issuing of pedigree certificates

  • carrying out performance testing and genetic evaluation

  • acceptance for breeding



Notice to breeders subject to Regulation (EU) 2016/1012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Zootechnical and genealogical conditions for the breeding, trade in and entry into the union of purebred breeding animals, hybrid breeding pigs and the germinal products thereof