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EBSI Node Operators

All you need to know about EBSI Node Operators.

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Restricted access for Node Operators

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What is an EBSI Node Operator?

Node Operators are essential actors of the EBSI Network infrastructure. An EBSI Node Operator is present in every EU Member State, plus Norway and Liechtenstein. It keeps a full copy of the blockchain and broadcasts transactions across the network. Becoming a Node Operator is a regulated procedure (described below).

Running the Blockchain with Node Operators

Who can be a Node Operator?

There is a defined procedure that includes a set of rules to follow and requirements to adhere to in order to become a Node Operator on the EBSI network. Please visit our documentation section to learn more.

Why become a Node Operator?

Node Operators have an essential role in the EBSI ecosystem to contribute to a stable and secure network. 

Steps to become a Node Operator



Read all legal and technical requirements to understand how to become a Node Operator.



Get in touch with your Member State EBP representative.



Request a node via our Service Desk.


Set up

Start the set up of your node to connect to the EBSI network.

Find out more about the nodes


Access the EBSI documentation in order to learn about nodes: environment, hardware, network, deliverables, firewall settings and hosting requirements.

Learn more


Access the dedicated Node Operators community space. Your one-stop-shop for legal, technical, and operational information. The forum gives you the possibility to interact with other Node Operators or with the EBSI technical office. 

Learn more

Restricted access for Node Operators


Access the dedicated Node Operators Service Desk, through which you can start the onboarding process, report issues, incidents, ask questions or provide suggestions to the EBSI team.

Learn more

See all FAQs

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