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Czech Republic Own initiative opinion

Subject Statement from the national Parliament Reply from the Commission
Meeting of the European Affairs Committees of the V4 countries in Sarospatak on 24-26 September 2017
Own Initative Opinion on the future of the European Union and on dual quality of food
Own Initative Opinion on the transparency of political decision-making in the European union
Own Initiative Opinion on C(2019)2335
Own Initiative Opinion on C(2019)4403
Own Initiative Opinion on document C(2020)1981
Own Initiative Opinion on the Eurojust budget
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Own Initiative Opinion on the European Semester 2018: assessment of progress
Own Initiative Opinion on the parliamentary cooperation with the Visegrad countries
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Own Initiative Opinion on the restriction fo the use of lead in ammunition (gunshot and bullets) and of lead in fishing tackle
Own Initiative Opinion on the situation in Belarus prior to the presidential elections
Own Initiative Opinion on: Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 and Strategic agenda
Own Initiative Opinion on: Statute of the European Ombusdman
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Own Initiative Opinion relative au l'élargissement de l'UE
Own initiative - proposal to the European Commission to adopt a strategic approach to food-waste reduction (Green card)
Own Initiative on the Energy Union project
Own Initiative on Transport
Own initiative Opinion on C(2020)2800
Own initiative Opinion on: Future of subsidiarity principle and energy union and climate change
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Own inititiative on the Role of National Parliaments in the Free Trade Agreements
  • Resolution of the Senate on the convergence programme of the Czech Republic 2011
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  • Resolution of the Senate on the National Reform Programme
The strengthening of democratic legitimacy and accountability in relation to the GEMU
  • Inter-institutional agreement of the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council