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TEN-T Innovation & New Technologies

The overall objective of opening TEN-T support to Innovation and New Technologies has grown since 2008 and has become an important element of TEN-T policy. A key feature is the "market-sided" approach focusing on market introduction.

For the first time, the 2010 Annual Call directly supported the development of an integrated and environmentally friendly transport system. In line with the priorities of the Transport White Paper released by DG MOVE in spring 2011, more emphasis has been given over the past year with 6 innovation calls until end 2013 under the TEN-T Programme (2007-13). Based on the success of this market-sided approach and the about 50 innovative projects "on the ground" the new TEN-T Regulation (2014-2030) and the Connecting Europe Facility (2014-2020) rewarded this activity with becoming a horizontal priority (CEF Annex 1, page 1) and a dedicated article on innovation (Guidelines, Art.33).

On 11 September 2014 calls for new projects were launched for the first time under the CEF with a total budget of €310 million

2014 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals

For the first time also works, i.e. very large projects addressing a role out of innovation and new technologies may be supported. The essential features of TEN-T projects on innovation and new technologies:

  • Focus of TEN-T Innovation & New Technologies: Only new technologies ready for deployment, - neither research nor demos are eligible!
  • Studies (preferably) with integrated deployment: Pilot activities opening the markets, but still of "experimental nature"
    • Real-life trials (not just a demo) – business-client relation, billing, roaming, etc, selling a package to the end-user (a citizen, a business person; targeting of niches allowed, however, aim for interoperability!)
    • Two equally important elements of such a trial:
      • (1) Innovation on new technologies (testing/optimisation on sufficiently large scale!) – E.g. bring down unit costs!
      • (2) Innovation of processes: Testing/optimisation of business-client relations, i.e. integration of a clearly elaborated consumer-oriented business model
    • Aiming for viability (replace by cost-efficiency if viability makes no sense, e.g. for noise reduction) – add socio-economic Cost-Benefit-Analysis for works!
    • Study at the end of trial: lessons learnt & analysis on how to scale-up to mass application – and integrate dissemination activity!
    • Advice: Short duration, aim for 2-3 years max, first results after 1 year
    • Management: Business people should be (mainly) driving the trial, in order to address and understand the needs of the (potential) clients.

Works: "experiments are over, people know what they are doing" (only supported by CEF for projects from 2014 onwards)

  • Roll-out on (significant part of) corridor… into the market! BUT still no profit (in case of grants)!
  • Utilisation of the innovative financial instruments of the CEF is particularly encouraged (bonds, loan guarantee, risk facility).

Project Code Project Title Type Transport Mode(s) Actual start date Commission Support in €
2010-EU-91117-P Greening European Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles Study ROAD 2010/09/01 4,950,000
2011-ES-92136-S Gas as an Alternative for Road Transport - GARneT Study ROAD 2012/04/15 1,936,000
2011-ES-92138-S Blue Corridors enhance through the Application of Natural Gas Energy Study PORT 2012/06/01 1,108,000
2011-EU-92130-S HIT (Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport) Study ROAD 2014/12/31 3,468,000
2011-EU-92145-S International Green Electric Highways Study ROAD 2012/04/16 2,119,000
2011-EU-92151-S GREENCRANES Study PORT 2012/08/01 1,844,000
2011-FR-92026-S LNG bunkering station at the port of Dunkirk Study PORT 2012/09/01 1,150,000
2011-SE-92148-P Fjalir project Work PORT 2012/04/16 261,000
2012-BE-92063-S Shore Power in Flanders Study IWW 2013/04/01 1,222,000
2012-DE-92052-S Tackling the environmental impact of shipping: Pilot implementation of a shore-side electricity supply for ships with increased energy demand Study PORT 2013/03/01 3,550,000
2012-ES-92034-S Flexible LNG bunkering value chain in the Spanish Mediterranean Coast Study PORT 2013/09/08 1,044,000
2012-ES-92068-S Hub de GNL en el Noroeste de la Peninsula Iberica Study PORT 2013/04/01 602,000
2012-ES-92177-S NEREIDAS Study PORT 2013/08/01 911,000
2012-EU-13066-S Accelerating the introduction of Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging by studying adoption and use along PP axes 13 and 26 in the UK and Ireland Study ROAD 2013/01/30 3,679,000
2012-EU-18067-S LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube Study IWW 2013/01/01 40,260,000
2012-EU-18089-S High-performance GREEN PORT GIURGIU Study IWW 2015/08/31 400,000
2012-NL-92008-S Sustainable multimodal transport chain Study IWW 2015/12/31 6,517,000
2012-UK-26061-S Study to test the potential of Bio-LNG to contribute to European renewable energy targets based on a pilot refuelling and storage network trialled with HGV fleet operators in the UK. Study ROAD 2015/12/31 5,743,,000
2013-BE-92037-S Greening road transport - LNG refuelling infrastructure network deployment Study ROAD 2015/12/31 520,000
2013-DE-92041-S Innovative LNG-powered hopper barge deployed under real-life conditions in the ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven Study PORT 2015/12/31 1,653,750
2013-DE-92056-S Realizing, real-life demonstration and market introduction of a scalable, multi-modal LNG-terminal in the seaport of Bremen for the reliable supply of LNG as alternative fuel to all transport modes Study PORT 2015/12/31 2,475,000
2013-DE-92079-S Pilot development of an LNG propulsion system for combined passenger and freight transport with a view to provide year-round supply to the peripheral region of Helgoland Study PORT 2015/12/31 4,175,000
2013-DK-92032-S Greening NEAR - Greening Northern European Road Corridors Study ROAD 2015/12/31 1,115,000
2013-DK-92046-S Nationwide Fast Charge network - upgrade of existing network to meet European standards Study ROAD 2015/12/31 1,161,600
2013-DK-92060-S Pilot Project to promote the use of LNG fuel: Installation of 200 tons LNG tank and filling facility at the port of Hirtshals, Denmark for fuelling of passenger/cargo vessels with a view to later establishment of a larger tank at the port Study PORT 2015/06/301 1,305,374
2013-ES-92006-S LNG feeders, a solution for archipelagos far from LNG storage plants Study PORT 2015/12/31 489,560
2013-EU-92020-S Boxreload: Sustainable Road Freight Study ROAD 2015/12/31 569,268
2013-EU-92043-S European Long-distance Electric Clean Transport Road Infrastructure Corridor (ELECTRIC) Study ROAD 2015/12/31 4,211,075
2013-EU-92045-S LNG uptake in the UK: a real-life trial with the first small scale bunkering infrastructure in Teesport and innovative LNG vessels Study PORT 2015/12/31 4,302,012
2013-EU-92055-S CORRI-DOOR Study ROAD 2015/12/31 4.853.250
2013-EU-92069-S Central European Green Corridors - Fast Charging Cross Border Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles, Connecting Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany and Croatia Study ROAD 2015/12/31 3,562,000
2013-EU-92077-S HIT-2-Corridors Study ROAD 2015/12/31 3,389,262
2013-EL-92080-S Sustainable Maritime Transport with LNG between Greek mainland and islands in the Archipelagos (ARCHIPELAGO-LNG) Study PORT 2015/12/31 573,090
2013-FR-92008-S SAFE SECA - Study for Alternative Fuels and Experiment in the SEine and Channel Area Study IWW 2015/12/31 493,000
2013-FR-92010-S PEEPOS Study PORT 2015/12/31 406,600
2013-IT-92050-S Study for the development of the green mobility in the port of Civitavecchia through the implementation of the pilot technology REWEC 3 Study PORT 2015/12/31 607,500
2013-NL-92062-S Study including pilot deployment to determine the viability of LNG as an alternative fuel for medium and long distance road transport (LNG4Haul) Study ROAD 2015/12/31 3,910,000
2013-NL-92070-S Electricity Connection Points - Greening the European temperature controlled transport network Study ROAD 2015/12/31 1,391,000
2013-PT-92081-S Fast tracking the deployment of a European low carbon transport system: the Portuguese Roadmap for LNG in TEN-T corridors Study ROAD 2015/12/31 153,044
2013-SE-92044-S Biomethane and LNG in the North for growth and competitiveness in EU (BioGaC) Study ROAD 2015/12/31 2,221,219
2013-SK-92040-S Commercial deployment of inter-urban EV freight logistics infrastructure, including comparison study of battery swap and fast charge technology Study ROAD 2015/12/31 851,988

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