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Water 2011-EU-21002-M

On Shore Power Supply - an integrated North Sea network


The project objective is to establish onshore power supply (OPS) at three DFDS freight ferry terminals for three freight ferries (ro-ro vessels) that frequently call the terminals. The terminals and ships form part of DFDS' freight shipping network in the North Sea.


The project includes installations and infrastructure needed onshore and on board for a standard 50 Hz solution. It would allow the ships to be connected to onshore power for around 100 hours per week and thus significantly contribute to reducing the polluting emissions from auxiliary engines whilst berthed.


The project falls under PP21 and addresses the environmental challenges of Motorways of the Sea, in particular in view of the implementation requirements of Annex VI of the IMO's MARPOL Convention. In addition, it connects to the 'sustainable growth' objective of the Europe 2020 strategy and contributes to achieving the climate/energy targets, which in turn lead to the decarbonisation of transport.


The open capacity at the berths equipped with OPS will be made available to other short-sea/deep-sea operators in order to maximise the environmental benefit of the installation. Monitoring equipment, including watt meters, will be installed at each terminal to monitor and charge for the OPS electricity consumed.


As a result, the high frequency short sea-routes (Motorways of the Sea) across the North Sea will be more attractive to companies that have an ambition to reduce their carbon footprint and emissions from transport. It will furthermore contribute to a greener image of the short-sea sector.


Finally, the project will aim to give guidance to policymakers to help create a standard 50 Hz solution for OPS so that new facilities could be widely installed and extended to a 60Hz solution.




This project has been cancelled




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Member States involved:

Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom


Implementation schedule:

Start date: April 2012

End date: December 2014


Beneficiaries & Implementing bodies:

 DFDS Seaways

 GAB Havenbedrijf Gent

 Volvo Group Belgium NV


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

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