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The European Commission welcomes the agreement between France and Italy to move ahead with the Lyon-Turin project

France and Italy have formally agreed to go ahead with the Lyon-Turin project, which will pave the way for the construction of the 57km long base tunnel. This will form the main part of the new railway link Lyon-Turin. Both Governments signed an amendment to their 2001 Treat on Lyon-Turin and also signed a joint application for EU co-funding of the construction works to be carried out between 2014 and 2020.

Transport Eurobarometer: EU citizens pleased with safety of maritime transport, but price and pollution are a major challenge

The European Commission published the results of a Eurobarometer survey on the quality and safety of maritime and river transport. The main findings reveal that 68% of Europeans citizens think that cruise ships and passenger ferries are safe. The feeling of safety increases when passengers are reassured about crew competence and the presence of life-saving appliances, as pointed out by 33% of respondents. However, Europeans think that ticket prices are the most serious problem affecting sea or river transport (18%) in the EU, followed by water pollution and the lack of links between destinations (both 15%), and lack of frequent services (14%).

Transport Commissioner Bulc engages in dialogue with port stakeholders

Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc met on 19 January 2015 with the leaders of the 20 largest European ports and the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO). The meeting was organised at the initiative of Commissioner Bulc to exchange views on the future of ports policy.

European Commission identifies the infrastructure priorities and investment needs for the Trans-European Transport Network until 2030

The European Commission has published nine studies on the state of play and the development needs of the TEN-T core network corridors. The studies have identified infrastructure development needs which represent approximately €700 billion of financial investment until 2030. They highlight the importance of optimising the use of infrastructure along the corridors, notably through intelligent transport systems, efficient management and the promotion of future-oriented clean transport solutions. This is the first time that tens of thousands kilometres of rail, road, inland waterway

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Calls for tender

  • Study on the possible introduction of an electronic tag as a supplement or a replacement of the wheel mark in marine equipment 31/12/2014

  • Management, development and update of the Eltis Web portal 24/12/2014

  • Management of the European alternative fuels observatory 19/12/2014

  • Study on permitting and facilitating the preparation of TEN-T core network projects in particular waterborne projects and cross-border projects 15/12/2014

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