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Water e-Freight Implementation Action (e-Impact)


The Action’s overall objective is to foster the implementation of e-Freight so as to simplify and reduce the cost of exchanging information between different actors and transport modes along the chain, leading to a more efficient, less polluting freight transport, and facilitating the use of multimodal freight transport solutions. Achieving paperless and seamless information flows along the whole transport logistics chain (involving shippers, freight forwarders, transport carriers, network managers as well as authorities) is a key objective for both the freight transport sector and the EU. The Action, including studies and real-life pilot deployments, is implemented in core ports in Italy, Poland and Portugal along three core network corridors (Atlantic, Mediterranean and Baltic–Adriatic).


The primary specific objective of the project is to reinforce the message delivered to the stakeholders about e-Freight benefits. This objective will be met through a series of studies including an e-Freight Adoption Toolkit and an assessment of the e-Freight PPP feasibility, estimating technical, financial and legal requirements on individual stakeholders, at corridor level, and across different corridors of the core network. The studies will also document business case implementation, clear migration paths for industrial users to evolve to e-Freight standards and data interchange infrastructures, based upon e-Freight initiatives carried out on European level. The second specific objective is to develop concrete business cases where logistics stakeholders (shippers, logistic services providers and authorities) will benefit from the e-Freight policy, in terms of improved efficiency, reduced costs and enhanced business potential. This objective will be met by deploying and operating four real-life trials in the core ports of Trieste in Italy, Gdansk, Gdynia, Szczecin and Świnoujście in Poland, and Leixoes and Lisbon in Portugal.



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Member States involved:

Italy, Poland, Portugal


Implementation schedule:

Start date: July 2015

End date: December 2017



 Administração do Porto de Lisboa, S.A. (APL) (Project coordinator)


Implementing body:

 Rete Autostrade Mediterranee S.P.A., designated by MIT


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE