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Addressing youth unemployment in the EU  (24/08/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-02-15-605-EN-N

The Youth Guarantee seeks to ensure that all EU Member States make a good-quality offer to all young people up to age 25 of a job, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within four months of leaving formal education or becoming unemployed. A Youth Guarantee Recommendation was formally agreed by Member States in April 2013. It includes guidelines for setting up such schemes, covering in particular the need for stronger partnerships between all concerned public authorities (education and employment institutions), early intervention and activation, and making full use of EU funding. The Youth Guarantee is one of the most crucial and urgent structural reforms that EU Member States must introduce to address youth unemployment and inactivity, and to improve school to work transitions.

This publication is available only in electronic version in English.


The Youth Guarantee: European approach to fight youth unemployment  (24/08/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-02-15-604-EN-N

Member States of the European Union made a promise to young people in April 2013. They undertook to ensure that no young person under 25 after leaving education or becoming unemployed is left without support to obtain a job, a traineeship, or an apprenticeship, or to get into continued education. Member States set themselves a 4 month time limit for providing such an offer. This offer should be of good quality to contribute to sustainably improved labour market prospects. Member States’ commitment involves reaching out to the young who are currently outside the labour market and not participating in formal education or training. Ultimately all this aims at tackling youth unemployment and the current huge waste of young people’s potential.

This publication is available only in electronic version in English.


Report on the European Parliament Preparatory Action on the Youth Guarantee  (21/08/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-02-15-599-EN-N

In 2012 the European Parliament asked the Commission to set up a Preparatory Action to support  Member States in  building Youth Guarantee partnerships and trialling associated services among young people aged 15-24. 18 pilot projects were launched between August and December 2013, with each delivered over a 12-month period. This report offers a detailed review of the Preparatory Action, individual pilot projects funded by it in particular. It explores the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and added value of the pilot projects and presents conclusions related to the organisation and potential of the pilots. An executive summary in six languages (see below) and six individual case studies are also available.

Table of contents

Kurzdossier zur Messung der sozialen Wirkung für Sozialunternehmen - Strategien für soziales Unternehmertum  (10/08/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-04-15-192-DE-N

Dieses Kurzdossier zur sozialen Wirkungsmessung für Sozialunternehmen wurde von der OECD und der Europäischen Kommission erstellt. Darin werden Fragen und aktuelle Debatten rund um die soziale Wirkungsmessung vorgestellt und konkrete Beispiele für Messmethoden angeführt. Besonders herausgestellt wird das Konzept der verhältnismäßigen Messung, d. h. die Abwägung der Kosten gegenüber dem Nutzen des Messprozesses. Außerdem beleuchtet das Kurzdossier die den Sozialunternehmen zur Verfügung stehenden Orientierungshilfen und Ressourcen und beschäftigt sich mit der Frage, wie eine weit verbreitete Messkultur unter den Akteuren geschaffen werden kann, obwohl es häufig an Personal und Finanzmitteln mangelt.
Alle diese Dokumente sind in deutscher, englischer und französischer.


Ergebnisse des Programms EaSI im Jahr 2014 - Zusammenfassung des EaSI-Ergebnisberichts 2014  (06/08/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-EY-15-001-DE-N

Das Programm für Beschäftigung und soziale Innovation (EaSI) der Europäischen Union fördert die Schaffung hochwertiger und nachhaltiger Arbeitsplätze, einen angemessenen und menschenwürdigen Sozialschutz, den Kampf gegen soziale Ausgrenzung und Armut sowie die Verbesserung der Arbeitsbedingungen.


Support for the work on policy guidance on basic skills for adults  (31/07/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-02-15-567-EN-N

This study provides the Commission with input to inform policy discussions on adult basic skills. Equally, it can serve to provide Member States and stakeholders with policy guidance and good practice examples in order to increase policy effectiveness, with a focus on enhancing such learning opportunities for adults who lack basic skills and those who left initial education prematurely. It can therefore help to better target spending on adult education and training and the allocation of European Structural Funds towards improving basic skills and strengthen the monitoring by the Commission of country specific recommendations in this area.

This publication is available in electronic format in English only.


Labour Market and Wage Developments in Europe 2015  (20/07/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-BN-15-001-EN-N

Labour market outcomes have been improving against the background of a modest recovery. The unemployment rate in the EU appears unusually reactive to the weak recovery. Yet, it stood above pre-crisis levels, at around 9.5% in the EU and 11% in the euro area in May 2015. Labour market disparities have started to fall across the EU and the euro area.

This publication is available in English and online only.


Analytical Web Note 3/2015 - Demography Report  (02/07/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-BM-15-003-EN-N

This analytical web-note contains an extensive update of the main demographic trends for the EU and a labour-market supplement which outlines the potential consequences of the forthcoming demographic change (declining working-age population) on the EU's growth perspective. The Demography Report was jointly produced by DG Eurostat and DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission.

This publication is only available in electronic format in English.


European Alliance for Apprenticeships - Good for Youth, Good for Business  (22/06/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-01-15-411-EN-C

Work-based learning, in particular apprenticeships can enhance employability, notably of young people, and help to address the skills shortages to better match companies' needs. Of great benefit to learners and companies alike, these schemes also contribute to Europe's objective of ensuring sustainable growth and employment. This brochure focuses on the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) launched in 2013 and addresses the challenges and possible answers of how to strengthen the quality, supply and image of apprenticeships. This is also in line with the new set of medium-term deliverables agreed at European level in the field of VET for the period 2015-2020. The brochure features examples of successful and inspiring apprenticeship and other work-based learning policy initiatives and projects across Europe.

This publication is available in printed and electronic format in English.


Building knowledge on international cooperation in VET  (18/06/2015)

Kataloge N. : KE-04-15-355-EN-N

Globalised and rapidly changing labour markets need a skilled and mobile workforce that can continuously develop their knowledge, skills and competences to thrive and prosper in this increasingly competitive landscape. Through the Copenhagen process on enhanced European cooperation in vocational education and training (VET) that was launched in 2002, the Commission has been working together with the Member States and the social partners to improve the performance, quality and attractiveness of VET.

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