Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Network of experts

There are three types of expert in the EEPO network: thematic experts, country experts and experts on public employment services.

Their areas of specialism include:

  • Labour market participation;
  • Labour market functioning and segmentation;
  • Social dialogue and public employment service;
  • Active labour market policies
  • Work-life balance;
  • Job creation options;
  • Gender equality;
  • Skills supply and productivity;
  • Lifelong learning and education systems;
  • Wage setting mechanisms;
  • Active ageing and working life duration;
  • Self-employment and entrepreneurship;
  • Unemployment and monitoring of vacancies;
  • Use of European Social/Structural Funds for employment.

The EEPO core team works closely with the experts to produce research papers, as well as giving staff from the European Commission the chance to communicate with them on a diverse range of themes.

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