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    Multiwave Technologies

    Multiwave's 7T MRI antenna for the head allows to overcome the inhomogeneity issues due to the ultra high field using an embedded metamaterial (HMA) to enhance the field in the temporal lobes and the cerebellum. Using a standard antenna, brain conditions such as epilepsy or MS could be missed.

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    Energica Motor

    TAPPS Architecture is a novel ecosystem that allows the coexistence of Real Time, high safety systems together with untrusted and feature rich software written by a community of users. The ecosystem is especially suited for safety and security critical applications like Automotive, Medical and Industry 4.0.

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    Tool facilitating to easily access detailed information about millions of business and SMEs, beyond the basic information deposited in official national company registries, extending access to information that was until now only available to large companies due to its cost and complexity.

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    Applying gaming technologies for training proffessionals in Smart Farming and their economic and environmental benefits over time.

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  • Innovator

    Sedona Systems

    Future network connectivity services will require a lot more than today’s best-effort internet or business service. Many of the future mission-critical services will require guaranteed robustness and very low delays – from autonomous cars to remote surgery. This requires a revolution in how networks will be operated and is the focus of Sedona Systems. To this end we’ve built a highly innovative control system called NetFusion that automatically discovers the entire network, provisions mission-critical services and optimizes the network to best meet their needs. This is especially challenging since the network comprises equipment from different vendors and technologies.

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    Industrial use case of more friendly and sustainable use of Robust Oxidative Biocatalysts for pharma, nutrition, fine & specialty chemical area.

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    LUMICKS instruments are the first that can film and measure the mechanistic details of the complex biological interactions between individual molecules. This is important as all biological processes and diseases occur at this level, while existing technologies are limited to static or averaged analysis.

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    Pozyx is a young and innovative team from Ghent, developing both hardware and software solutions for (indoor) positioning with an unseen accuracy. Current technologies such as GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth are able to position within a few meters. The Pozyx system achieves up to 10 cm accuracy by means of wireless ultra-wideband technology and state-of-the-art in house developed algorithms, tracking drones, people, shopping cart, animals, forklifts, you name it!

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  • Innovator

    Tailoring learning to meet the individual needs of learners improves education. However, personalization of learning using conventional ways has been the privilege of a tiny subset of students who could afford it. Even in these cases, the service is far from being optimal due to constraints of traditional education. Only the recent advances in digital learning and machine learning enable personalized learning. supports the overarching vision of ENVISAGE to
    enhance virtual labs leading to a personalized learning process.

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