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About the innovator

Multiwave brings to market metamaterial technologies for its innovation platforms. ​Our medical platform develops and brings to market medical device technologies for early diagnosis of disease and treatment of neurological conditions. Our IoT platform uses quantitative analysis and sensors to assist retailers decide what merchandise they place on display and to guide wholesalers' marketing strategies. ​All our technologies are powered by proprietary software algorithms to accelerate engineering design.

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What is the innovation

At 7T proton MRI the wavelength of the RF field is smaller than the diameter of the head. By consequence the resonant mode of the RF coil (B1 field) is not homogeneous and results in loss of signal due to destructive interference in the temporal lobes and cerebellum. The use of an embedded metamaterial homogenizes the B1 field and increases signal to noise ratio in the temporal lobes and cerebellum.

Out of the lab. Into the market

All our engineering development takes into account careful planning to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in respective target markets. Our goal is to obtain CE marking and FDA approval for our flagship 7T MRI Coil for the human brain. Bringing an antenna to market requires collaborations with leading original equipment manufacturers.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The M-Cube project’s diverse stakeholder mix (metamaterial experts and MRI physicists and medical doctors) underpins the innovation we want to bring to the world of magnetic resonance imaging. This Framework Programme allows Multiwave Technologies AG to add its existing metamaterial MRI technology- 7T coil for imaging of the brain- to the benefit of a patient centered solution for high precision imaging of the entire body at 7T.

This innovation was funded via H2020 project M-CUBE

Team behind the innovation