• Overall winner


    Gr3n will bring full circularity to the PET/polyester domain, positively impacting in environment and everyday live of people thanks to the innovative use of a microwave-assisted de-polymerization process.

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  • Category winner

    University of Iceland

    Already tested with 45 final users, Sound of Vision brings a hands free, detecting obstacles at any height, doors, stairs and texts technology which marks a significant improvement to the life of visually impaired people.

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  • Finalist

    Friedrich-Schiller-University JENA

    Liquids, circulating within a building’s envelope, can be used for heating, cooling, insulating, shading, or changing the building’s color; the innovation developed is a large-area flat-panel heat exchanger realizing these functions in novel building designs, constructions and retrofitti

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  • Finalist


    Ifinity provides beacons-based tailor-made technologies to cities, public spaces, and commercial customers to let people digitally interact with them through their mobiles - with a strong emphasis on visually impaired people.

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  • Innovator

    Signum Bildtechnik

    Software-based tracking system for any major TV camera in the market that reduces significantly high maintenance costs of similar systems which are also hardware based.

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  • Innovator

    Electronic Record Services

    Electronic Record Services (ERS) HDMS (Health Data Management System) is a hybrid system suitable to support Electronic (Personal) Health Records and Clinical Forms/questionnaires functions for patients and clinicians. The HDMS interfaces with devices, cloud services, Artificial Intelligence platforms, communication platforms and Avatar based gaming technology. The HDMS is GDPR compliant by design.

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  • Innovator

    CNET Svenska

    CNet has developed Care Management As A Service allowing care organisations to deliver individualised care for patients with multiple diseases, connecting and empowering patients and establishing an interactive link between patients at home and care professionals.

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  • Innovator

    Health Leads

    Using technology to develop a personalized intervention aimed at behavioral change in people around the retirement age, to decrease their risk for age-related functional decline and also including a Risk Screening Tool for early detection for functional decline.

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