New Europass

The new Europass will offer tools and information for learners, workers and job-seekers across the EU to manage their careers and studies. The new Europass will include:

  • the Europass e-Portfolio: an online tool for users to describe their skills, find interesting job and learning opportunities, to manage their applications, and create CVs and cover letters
  • Information on working and studying in different EU countries
  • Digital credentials: free tools and software for institutions to issue digital, tamper-proof qualifications and other learning credentials
  • Interoperability: Europass can connect with employment and learning services to allow users connect and make applications.

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Europass Digital Credentials

Europass supports understanding of skills and qualifications to help people manage each stage of their career and learning.

The new Europass will: 

  • offer tools and information for stakeholders, service providers and practitioners from the labour market and education and training systems.
  • be a secure, accessible and user-friendly platform offered by the European Union.
  • be interoperable for any organisation that wishes to exchange data with Europass, while fully respecting data privacy.
  • be developed through cooperation between the European Commission and EU Member States, participating countries, and stakeholders.