e-Portfolio and Web-based Tools


The Decision on the new Europass adopted in April 2018 specifies in Article 3(1) that web-based tools should be made available to support individuals in documenting and describing their skills and qualifications acquired through learning and work experiences (including through mobility and volunteering).  

What's in it? 

The Europass e-portfolio will enable users to display, document and share their skills, qualifications and experience gathered in the course of every stage of their life. It will be a hub that offers the following web-based tools:

  • Europass profile: Users will be able to create a personal profile to describe their skills, qualifications, learning and work experiences;
  • Online Editor: Users will be able to prepare applications and create CVs and cover letters based on information inputted in their personal profile;
  • Document library: Users will be able to store evidence and documentation relevant to learning and careers in their personal library; and
  • Applications tracker: Users will be able to keep track of their learning and job applications.




Benefits of the e-Portfolio 

The Europass e-portfolio will be a one-stop-shop to:  

  • reflect on skills and qualifications with the help of interactive tools;
  • guide users to create and manage their personal information and to summarise it in a CV;  
  • compile and store any relevant documentation;  
  • support them to identify their goals and develop their career from a lifelong learning perspective;  
  • discover personalised learning and job opportunities; and 
  • enable them to prepare, submit and keep track of their learning and job applications. 


Ongoing Work


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