Interoperability is the ability of any system to work with other products or systems without any restrictions or limitations. It allows for connecting and communicating across platforms where information can be exchanged and reused.

Europass will support and ensure technical interoperability and synergies with other relevant instruments and services offered at Union and, where appropriate, national levels. Organisations that maintain CV databases, that operate IT systems where end-users fill in a profile, that process candidate applications or that provide databases of information can benefit from interoperability with the new Europass.

With Europass, users will be able to:

  • Share their Europass with other platforms instead of re-filling all their data into online forms;
  • Use their Europass to apply online for jobs or further training;
  • Find the opportunities that are relevant for them;
  • Always control the personal data in their profile, with whom it is shared and how it is used.

Ongoing work

  • Technical work is ongoing to ensure that users with an existing Europass CV will be able to easily re-use the CV in the new Europass e-Portfolio, including for the purposes of creating a Profile or updating their CV.
  • The Commission is currently in contact with existing interoperability partners (e.g. Monster,, Xing) on upcoming changes to the interoperability with Europass, so that connections with these services are updated throughout 2020.
  • The Commission undertook a data protection impact assessment which considered any implications linked to interoperability in Europass.
  • Work is ongoing on synergies between EURES and Europass to support a good user experience moving between both platforms




    Why should Europass be interoperable?

    The new Europass strives to be a free tool that is reusable by anyone who is interested to use its services. Europass is being developed at the European Union level with the goal to be adaptable to all national-level systems and mechanisms. Interoperability achieves this goal by providing the means to share and exchange the services while ensuring data protection and a secure process.

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