The Europass project

The new Europass is being developed by the European Commission, in co-operation with the Member States, participating countries and stakeholders, following the adoption of the revised Europass Decision of the European Parliament and Council in May 2018.

The revised Europass Decision calls for the modernisation of Europass and the establishment of a comprehensive and interoperable framework of tools and information, in particular for transnational employment and learning mobility purposes.

The Commission ensures the coherent implementation and monitoring of the new Europass through the Europass Advisory Group which includes representatives of the Member States, participating countries, and stakeholder organisations. You can read the meeting notes and information on the work of the Europass Advisory Group.

The Commission also works with experts, policymakers and national representatives to design and develop the new Europass platform. Read more information on events, meetings and consultations to keep up with the latest updates. 

The first phase of the new Europass will be launched in Spring 2020. You can find an overview of the main elements of the new Europass:

e-Portfolio   Information Provision    Interoperability   Digitally-signed credentials