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06/07/2022 HW2O - Pillar 3 - Robotization for unloading the soil Netherlands
20/12/2017 Mountain dairy farm contribution in a carbon sequestration Italy
20/12/2017 Evaluation of carbon fluxes in agricultural terrains of Ferrara plain and the Modena Apennine and of sustainable strategies for carbon sequestration i Italy
07/02/2018 Techniques to reduce ammonia and greenhouse gases emissions in non-caged laying hen houses Italy
07/02/2018 Prototype to reduce ammonia emissions from pigs houses with recovery as fertilizers - Ammonia washing machine Italy
07/02/2018 Assessment tools of the actions for reduction of emissions in dairy farms - Milkgas Italy
07/02/2018 Residual biomass for energy, agronomy and breeding use Italy
07/02/2018 Valorization of by-products from vegetal supply chains using insects: new solutions for feed, agronomic and energy purposes Italy
07/02/2018 Valorization of fibrous plant by-products as feed and for energy purposes Italy
20/12/2017 Evaluation of innovative adaptation strategies in vineyard and winery to the climate change Italy
20/12/2017 Innovations for self-sustaining production systems: permaculture, bio-intensive vegetable garden and forest food (Agriculture self-sufficient) Italy
20/12/2017 Efficacy of vineyard ecosystem as Carbon sink: the case study of the Piacenza area Italy
20/12/2017 Horticulture Finalized Organic Carbon Footprint Italy
07/02/2018 Development of an environmental sustainable cultivation model, improving the spread of old vineyard varieties, within Colli Bolognesi area Italy
07/02/2018 Protection and development of old wheats of Valmarecchia Italy
07/02/2018 Enhancement of lesser quality kiwifruit for size and shape for the production of naturally rich in functional compounds to human metabolism snack. Italy
07/02/2018 Food Chain of Parmigiano Reggiano: Enhancement of products to zero waste Italy
07/02/2018 Hemp residues - reuse for food and energy recovery with oils Italy
07/02/2018 Self-control tools of nitrogen balance for the BAT application in swine husbandry Italy
07/02/2018 Emissions reduction in the digestate management Italy
01/07/2022 Improving the quality of cereal grains, seeds of rape and Fabaceae plants through innovative cultivation technology using basalt dust and sulfur Poland
14/02/2018 Innovative models in mechanized and sustainable vineyard management Italy
14/02/2018 Valorisation of dairy products from native regional breeds Italy
14/02/2018 Reduction of the use of antibiotics in heavy pig farms: productive and qualitative effects - ANTIBIOTIC-FREE Italy
07/02/2018 Vegetable Crops Waste: Opportunities in Energy Transformation and their Reuse Italy