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DIGITALeInvoicingSend and receive electronic invoices compliant with the European standard on eInvoicing

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What is eInvoicing?

eInvoicing is a digital solution that enables public sector contractors and companies to receive and process electronic invoices, according to the European standard.

Cost reduction

Being an automated invoicing tool, eInvoicing reduces processing costs and operational services.

Faster payment

By removing the need of manually reading and entering information, eInvoicing lessens administrative burdens and time-to-payment for individual invoices.

Boosting B2G eProcurement

eInvoicing helps companies manage their contracts in any EU country, making public procurement businesses more appealing for everyone.

Facilitating cross-border trade

The timely and automatic processing of companies’ invoices in the EU facilitates cross-border trade operations between countries.

How to start using the solution

  1. Step 1

    Check the requirements for your type of user: Public Entity, Supplier or Solution Provider.

  2. Step 2

    Get familiar with the eInvoicing Directive(opens in a new tab) and the European Standard in your own country.

  3. Step 3

    Implement your solution, with the provided documentation and our team’s support.

  4. Step 4

    Test the conformance of your service and start using it.

Who can benefit from eInvoicing

Public Entities

Public sector contracting authorities

Our services can help you start receiving electronic invoices from all across Europe.


Companies doing business with public entities

We can help you prepare and send electronic invoices compliant with European standards.

Solution Providers

Services and software providers

We can help you develop and deliver eInvoicing services and software that are compliant with EU standards.

Implementing eInvoicing

If you are ready to start working on your eInvoicing services, we are just as ready to help you. The links below provide important information to begin the implementation.

eInvoicing Directive

Directive of the European Parliament on electronic invoicing.

European Standard

European standard alignments to send and receive electronic invoicing.

Report of the eInvoicing Forum

Reports produced by eInvoicing Forum members.

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Code Lists

Invoice information should be translated into specific codes to allow cross-border interoperability.

Validation Artefacts

Technical artefacts that allow to automatically validate whether an invoice complies with the standard’s rules.

Conformance Testing

Test your eInvoicing solution against the European standard on eInvoicing.

We can help you implement eInvoicing:

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eInvoicing in use


23 Projects reusing eInvoicing

07 Projects committed to analyse or reusing eInvoicing

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“There are lessons to be learnt from other countries that have participated in the CEF* eInvoicing projects. Their eInvoicing experience can inspire and help you get started with your eInvoicing implementation phase.” * The Connecting Europe Facilities Programme ended in 2021. The programme aimed at supporting eInvoicing stakeholders in their adoption of eInvoicing solutions in order to facilitate invoicing interoperability among the EU Member States.

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eInvoicing FAQ

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