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eDelivery AS4 conformant solutions

This page lists the solutions that have passed or are in the process of passing the conformance testing according to the eDelivery AS4 profile:

A document listing all vendors supporting AS4, including the ones that have not gone through the eDelivery conformance testing process, is available at bottom of this page.


Common Profile
Four Corner Topology
Four Corner Topology
Dynamic Sender
Dynamic Sender
Dynamic Receiver
Dynamic Receiver
Standard Business Document Header (SBDH)

ENTSOG Usage Profile

AS4 solutions that were conformant prior to the modularization of the AS4 profile will remain eDelivery AS4 conformant against the "Common Profile" and "Four Corner Profile Enhancement". Conformance to the other Profile Enhancements can be achieved by successfully passing all mandatory tests in the test group of the specific Profile Enhancement.

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Market guide for AS4 solutions and services

Last updated: 21 April 2022