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Transparency System

This website lets you search through the beneficiaries of funding from the EU budget implemented directly by the Commission (at Headquarters or in EU delegations to non-EU countries) and other EU bodies such as executive agencies ('direct management'), and beneficiaries of the European Development Fund.

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Discover an overview of the main figures related to EU funds awarded under direct management in 2020.

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Explore, analyse and compare published data in more details. Look for information on beneficiaries and search for a specific grant or a contract.

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Please note that the FTS provides information on funding from the EU budget implemented directly by the European Commission ('direct management'). Up to 80% of the EU budget expenditure is managed by both the European Commission and Member States ('shared management'), or implemented indirectly by other international organisations or non-EU countries ('indirect management'). You can find more information about shared management in areas such as agriculture, cohesion policy, growth and employment by clicking on the links below: