This department develops and carries out the Commission's policies on:

Its responsibilities include, to:

  • prepare the Commission's budget proposals, which are then negotiated and agreed by the European Parliament and the Council
  • on behalf of the EU, borrow funds on the capital markets to finance the recovery under the NextGenerationEU instrument
  • implement a diversified funding strategy to ensure borrowing meets the needs and takes place under optimal financial terms
  • manage the EU expenditure, including payments to finance the recovery under NextGenerationEU
  • mobilise EU budget funds to enable the EU address emergency situations
  • collect the relevant revenue to the EU budget
  • propose and negotiate, together with the European Parliament and the Council, any new sources of revenue to the EU budget
  • manage the treasury function, by receiving all revenue and executing all payments to the EU budget
  • prepare and publish the EU annual accounts
  • coordinate the discharge procedure from A to Z
  • report on implementation of EU budget, including by running the Financial Transparency System for EU payments
  • propose and put into place the rules under which the EU funds are spent
  • work together with EU countries to make sure every euro from the EU budget is well-spent and goes to where the needs are
  • manage the Commission’s accounting system

Plans and reports

Commission work programme – overview of institution-wide deliverables for current year

Strategic plan – department strategy, objectives for 2020-2024

Management plan – department forecasted outputs, activities, resources for current year

Annual activity report – department achievements, resources used during previous year

Leadership and organisation

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