With You - Consolidating Synergies, Managing Opportunities




Gabriela Pereira


Development Partnership

CONSIGO- Consolidar Sinergias, Gerir Oportunidades ( Entidade Interlocutora : DGSP)


Facilitate social and professional integration of convicts and ex-convicts


An integrated model for managing cases of convicts and ex-convicts, which starts with entry into prison and ends after reintegration into society. This process is based on constructing a life project with a component that increases the personal, social and professional skills of the individual and the involvement of civil society via the social and corporate milieu, making them equally responsible for the reintegration process.


The Seven Steps for Managing the Cases of Convicts and Ex-Convicts: Methodological Guide


The Prison Establishment opened itself to the outside world, interacting with families to facilitate reintegration of convicts, develop socio-professional skill, involving the social and corporate milieus, which are sources of organisational innovation. The product, assessed in a very positive manner, was received by the potential incorporators with enthusiasm, given the strong methodological innovation component and the flexibility of the intervention model.