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Pact for Skills

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The European Commission is proposing a Pact for Skills as a new engagement model for skills that will help meet COVID-19 challenges and deliver on the ambitions of the recovery pathway, the EU Industrial Strategy and the green and digital transitions.

Skills are key for the future. There is a growing need to learn and keep on learning in order to thrive.

Only by acting together, we can bring about the scale of change required to foster an economic recovery that is socially inclusive.

Industry, public and private employers, social partners, education and training providers and employment agencies will be called to work together on shared vision and actions. 

The Pact aims to mobilise and encourage all relevant stakeholders to take concrete actions for the upskilling and reskilling of people of working age, and, when relevant, cooperate through partnerships.

The Pact can be implemented through

  • individual commitments of companies
  • the commitment of existing organisations/partnerships
  • the launch of large-scale European public-private multi-stakeholder partnerships

The Commission will offer a set of networking, learning and guidance services to the Pact members to support their upskilling and reskilling efforts.

The aim is to launch the Pact in November during the 2020 European Vocational Skills Week.

The Pact is one of the flagship actions under the European Skills Agenda.


All stakeholders interested in joining the Pact will be asked to sign up to a Charter. This charter will be drafted to 

  • ensure a common understanding of key principles underlying upskilling and reskilling activities
  • help the different organisations joining the Pact for Skills
  • rally around common values and priorities, and to achieve shared objectives

Help us develop the Pact

Help us to strengthen the Pact and its impact. Fill in the stakeholders’ survey to share your views on the Pact for Skills and its essential elements like the Charter or support services.

The survey will be open till 12 October 2020.

Roundtables with industrial ecosystems

To ensure that the Pact is created with relevant stakeholders, Commissioner Schmit and Commissioner Breton will have a series of high-level roundtables. The Commission is inviting high-level representatives of industrial ecosystems, regional and national authorities, education and social partners and education and training providers to these meetings.

Background on the Pact

Within the Commission, the Pact is a joint initiative of the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, in close cooperation with other services.

The Commission will play a key role in helping to mobilise all actors involved, to pool resources and knowledge, to build the bridges between public and private upskilling efforts and giving high visibility to best practices.

The Pact for Skills will connect previous EU initiatives for cooperation and become, where relevant, the single-entry point for

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