What is the European Green Deal

Overview of the European Green Deal

What's in it for me?

Advantages for individuals, businesses and society

The EU as a global leader

The role, influence and need for a strong EU voice on the world stage

The Just Transition Mechanism: Making Sure No One Is Left Behind

Targeted support in the transition towards the green economy

Investing in a Climate-Neutral and Circular Economy

A funding plan to become the first climate-neutral continent


Policy areas

Clean energy

Opportunities for alternative, cleaner sources of energy

Sustainable industry

Ways to ensure more sustainable, more environmentally-respectful production cycles

Building and renovating

The need for a cleaner construction sector

Sustainable mobility

Promoting more sustainable means of transport


Measures to protect our fragile ecosystem

From Farm to Fork

Ways to ensure more sustainable food systems

Eliminating pollution

Measures to cut pollution rapidly and efficiently



What if we do not act?

Implications and the cost of inaction

The EU's track record on climate action

What the EU has achieved so far

EU Funded Projects to Green the Economy

What is already being done today