Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Helping people to develop skills throughout their lives

Upskilling Pathways

The Upskilling Pathways initiative helps adults struggling with basic skills acquire a minimum level of literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

Individual Learning Accounts

The Commission will explore an initiative on individual learning accounts, which provides support for workers seeking training. This initiative may support workers who may wish to improve their skills, but do not have the means to do so.

Europass platform

The Europass platform helps people assess their skills and showcase them to employers and informs people on opportunities to develop skills and to find a job.


The Commission is developing a European approach to micro-credentials to promote the recognition of skills obtained through short courses, as well as those acquired through work experience.

While qualifications are a well-established way to develop skills, they are usually awarded at the end of a long-term formal programme of education and training. Most people who upskill and reskill usually do so through short courses.

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