Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

PES Practices

In this database you can find inspiring practices from Public Employment Services across Europe.

The selected practices focus on issues such as supporting young people and the long-term unemployed, working with schools, and management methods.

Practices have been selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Relevance: the practices reflect EU employment policy within the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy
  • Scope: the practices represent concrete PES services with specific operational objectives implemented on national, regional or local scale
  • Timescale: the practices are either ongoing or were terminated after 2010
  • Evidence-based: the practices are based on performance data / monitoring / evaluation
  • Potential for learning and replication: the practices provide insight into success factors and outcomes, as well as challenges and lessons learnt.

To search other PES resources by theme, please consult the PES Knowledge Centre.

Free training in digital skills 2021 Spain 2021 open
GigLab Sweden 2021 Sweden 2021 open
Measure to support self-employment for those changing their economic activity 2021 Lithuania 2021 open
Mental health prevention in times of crisis 2021 Croatia 2021 open
National training fund 2021 Poland 2021 open
Promising PES Practice: Luxembourg Digital Skills Bridge 2019 Luxembourg 2021 open
Speed Interviews 2021 Sweden 2021 open
Austria: Promising PES Practice ‘Chances and Risk Management Strategy’ 2018 Austria 2018 open
Belgium VDAB: Promising PES Practice ‘IT model predicting personal chances for employment’ 2018 Belgium 2018 open
Belgium VDAB: Promising PES Practice ‘New Contact Strategy’ 2018 Belgium 2018 open
Belgium VDAB: Promising PES Practice ‘Strategy House’ 2018 Belgium 2018 open
Belgium VDAB: Promising PES Practice ‘Teambox’ 2018 Belgium 2018 open
Germany ‘MYSKILLS – recognising professional competencies (Updated) 2019 Germany 2019 open
On-the-job training 2020 Slovenia 2020 open
PES Practice: Apprenticeships for Adults 2018 Poland 2018 open
PES Practice: Austria - Internal Social Network 2019 Austria 2019 open
PES Practice: Austria - PRODOK Online Documentation Tool 2019 Austria 2019 open
PES Practice: Belgium - Cité des Métiers 2018 Belgium 2018 open
PES Practice: Bilateral cooperation agreements with employers 2018 Luxembourg 2018 open
PES Practice: Communicating the added-value of PES as part of the PES Communication Strategy 2017 Slovenia 2017 open
PES Practice: Competence check for the vocational integration of refugees (Kompetenzcheck) – Austria (Updated) 2019 Austria 2019 open
PES Practice: Economic incentives for municipalities 2018 Denmark 2018 open
PES Practice: Employee Intrapreneurship Programme 2018 France 2018 open
PES Practice: Estonia – Performance Management System 2018 Estonia 2018 open
PES Practice: Everyone Mediator programme 2019 Belgium 2019 open
PES Practice: Finland - Pilot of New Forms of Work and Entrepreneurship 2019 Finland 2019 open
PES Practice: France - Emploi Store 2019 France 2019 open
PES Practice: France - La Bonne Boite 2019 France 2019 open
PES Practice: France - La Fabrique 2019 France 2019 open
PES Practice: France - Le Lab 2019 France 2019 open
PES Practice: France - Pitch@Pôle 2019 France 2019 open
PES Practice: Go for it! (¡Lánzate!) 2019 Spain 2019 open
PES Practice: Handbook on Employer Relations and Services 2018 Denmark 2018 open
PES Practice: Improving employer relations services (the Employer Relations Strategy 2017-20) 2018 Ireland 2018 open
PES Practice: Integrated labour market services for asylum seekers in arrival centres 2018 Germany 2018 open
PES Practice: Integration Through Work 2017 Belgium 2017 open
PES Practice: Jobnet 2018 Denmark 2018 open
PES Practice: Jobservice Denmark 2018 Denmark 2018 open
PES Practice: Le Forem - I Recruit 2019 Belgium 2019 open
PES Practice: Lithuania – Youth Job Centres 2018 Lithuania 2018 open
PES Practice: Offices for employers 2018 Slovenia 2018 open
PES Practice: One-Stop-Shop Guidance Centres for young people 2018 Finland 2018 open
PES Practice: Online Virtual Assistant 2018 Slovenia 2018 open
PES Practice: Poland – Special Programmes For Ad-hoc Support To Unemployed People 2018 Poland 2018 open
PES Practice: Poland – Stop Patterns! Joint Action by Social Assistance and Labour Market Institutions 2018 Poland 2018 open
PES Practice: Slovenia – Career Centres 2018 Slovenia 2018 open
PES Practice: Spain - Professional Certificates (Certificados de Profesionalidad) 2019 Spain 2019 open
PES Practice: Spain - SOIB Woman 2019 Spain 2019 open
PES Practice: Systematic traineeship assessment 2019 Denmark 2019 open
PES Practice: Talent and Organisational Development Training Course 2018 Netherlands 2018 open
PES Practice: Targeted service provision for employers - employer specialist counsellors 2017 Lithuania 2017 open
PES Practice: The Austrian PES Skills Barometer 2018 Austria 2018 open
PES Practice: The Netherlands: To work SMART 2019 Netherlands 2019 open
PES Practice: The Occupational Compass 2018 Sweden 2018 open
PES Practice: Work ability reform 2019 Estonia 2019 open
PES Practice: eCounselling tool 2018 Slovenia 2018 open
PES Practice: ‘Fast Track Initiative for Newly Arrived Immigrants’ – Sweden (Updated) 2019 Sweden 2019 open
PES Practice: ‘United for Better Integration’ programme – Denmark (Updated) 2019 Denmark 2019 open
PES Practice: “Work and Study” programme for prevention of unemployment 2018 Estonia 2018 open
Proming PES Practice: Estonia - Comprehensive approach to implementation of a reform agenda using the example of the Career Services reform 2018 Estonia 2018 open
Promising PES Practice - EmployID 2018 Croatia, Slovenia 2018 open
Promising PES Practice - Jobinvestering.dk 2018 Denmark 2018 open
Promising PES Practice - Open Door Days 2018 Latvia 2018 open
Promising PES Practice - Professional Reference Centres 2018 Belgium 2018 open
Promising PES Practice - Reduction of segmentation groups based on an integration prediction 2018 Germany 2018 open
Promising PES Practice - Remote workplace for employees of the Latvian PES 2018 Latvia 2018 open
Promising PES Practice - The Certificate in Professional Practice in Employability Services 2018 Ireland 2018 open
Promising PES Practice - The “club of enthusiasts” 2018 Lithuania 2018 open
Promising PES Practice - Training initiatives in digital competences 2018 Luxembourg 2018 open
Promising PES Practice Belgium: "Points CoM" - Occupation Knowledge Points 2019 Belgium 2019 open
Promising PES Practice: "On-the-job language training for foreigners" 2018 Iceland 2018 open
Promising PES Practice: Denmark: The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment (STAR) Strategy 2018 – 2021: Building Tomorrow’s Labour Market Together 2018 Denmark 2018 open
Promising PES Practice: Evidence based PES services: RCT for the scientific evaluation of the impact of intensified face-to-face services 2018 Netherlands 2018 open
Promising PES Practice: House of Entrepreneurship 2018 Luxembourg 2018 open
Promising PES Practice: Job coaching for persons with disabilities and mentoring for vulnerable groups 2018 Malta 2018 open
Promising PES Practice: Job-carving for jobseekers with disabilities 2018 Malta 2018 open
Promising PES Practice: Norwegian PES’ Horizon Scan Analysis 2018 Norway 2018 open
Promising PES Practice: Organisational and leadership development programme (PULS) 2018 Norway 2018 open
Promising PES Practice: Social Impact Bonds for the Employment of Immigrants – Finland (Updated) 2019 Finland 2019 open
Promising PES Practice: The Management Assessment (MASS) 2017 Austria 2017 open
Promising PES Practice: The ‘Domain Structure’ for increasing ownership of change processes within the PES 2018 Netherlands 2018 open
Recommendations for enrolment policy and scholarship policies 2020 Croatia 2020 open
Self-assessment tool for studies and vocational training 2020 Germany 2020 open
Short-term labour market forecasting 2020 Latvia 2020 open
Vocational training for employment on the basis of user skill needs 2020 Spain 2020 open
e-Guidance portal 2020 Croatia 2020 open
Career guidance in the Service Centres on Education and Work (SCEW) 2020 Netherlands 2020 open
Graduate tracking 2020 Netherlands 2020 open
Lifelong Career Guidance Centres (CISOK) 2020 Croatia 2020 open
PES Practice: Microcredit Programme – ’Kiútprogram’ (‘A way out of poverty’) 2015 Hungary
Promising PES Practice: Overcoming a new stage of digital transformation together 2018 France
Promising PES Practice: Statistically Assisted Profiling (StAP) 2017 Croatia
PES Practice: JobPath - Activation Service 2017 Ireland
PES Practice: Active learning groups System (CMS) 2016 Estonia
PES Practice: Evidence-based design of services using RCT 2016 Denmark
PES Practice: Greenhouse technique 2016 Sweden
PES Practice: Inclusive Workplace Support Centres 2016 Norway
PES Practice: Managing external service providers 2016 UK
PES Practice: Sector-based work academies 2016 UK
PES Practice: Strategy Days with employees 2016 Estonia
PES Practice: The CHIT-system to renew registration 2016 Malta
PES Practice: The ‘Multi-Sectorial Joint Service Enhancing Employability’ for long-term unemployed 2017 Finland
PES Practice: The “4-Phase Model” 2016 Germany
PES Practice: The “Consulting Concept” for jobseekers (BeKo) 2016 Germany
PES Practice: The “Work Profiler” and the “Personal Work Folder” 2016 Netherlands
PES Practice: “Frontrunners” for effective change management 2016 Netherlands
PES Practice: “Join me” 2016 Iceland
PES Practice: Multilingual Competency Questionnaires 2017 Austria
PES Practice: TrEffeR (Treatment Effects and Prediction) 2017 Germany
PES Practice: Centre for Job Coping 2017 Norway
PES Practice: Employment Challenge and Career Challenge initiatives 2017 Slovenia
PES Practice: Online Platform 2016 UK
PES Practice: Early and intensified counselling 2017 Denmark
PES Practice: Measuring the net effect of vocational training 2017 Finland
PES Practice: ‘Valuing data’ programme 2017 France
PES Practice: 100% Web 2016 France
PES Practice: Advisory Boards (ABs) 2016 Czech Republic
PES Practice: Combined Econometric and Self-Assessment Motivational Profiling of jobseekers 2016 Latvia
PES Practice: Competence based matching 2016 Belgium
PES Practice: Employers 2020 Strategy 2016 Slovenia
PES Practice: Integrated Self-Service ICT System 2016 Lithuania
PES Practice: Lab New Services 2016 Belgium
PES Practice: Lifelong integrated PES ICT Systems 2016 Slovakia
PES Practice: Mail.net 2016 France
PES Practice: National Programme ‘Support for Retirement’ 2016 Germany
PES Practice: National Programme ‘Support for Retirement’ 2015 Bulgaria
PES Practice: Profiling of jobseekers using statistical methods 2016 Ireland
PES Practice: The Client Monitoring System (CMS) 2016 Austria
PES Practice: Using the EFQM-model for quality management 2016 Austria
PES Practice:Implementing non-monetary incentives by awards 2016 Austria
PES Practice: Mentoring Scheme 2017 Norway
PES Practice: ‘INA! – Sustain integration’ 2017 Germany
PES Practice: ‘Self-leadership’ approach 2017 Sweden
PES Practice: ‘Jobelo’ 2017 Luxembourg
PES Practice: Mobile Mentor Application (‘Mentor App’) 2017 Belgium
PES Practice: Perspectives for families– employment and youth services working together to provide families with a better outlook for the future (Tandem) 2017 Germany
PES Practice: Activation guidance programme for people with severe mental health problems 2017 Belgium
PES Practice: Jobcentre Plus 2017 UK
PES Practice: Jobindsats.dk 2017 Denmark
PES Practice: Mentoring: An innovative approach for jobseekers 2017 Lithuania
PES Practice: National Employer & Partnership Team (NEPT) 2017 UK
PES Practice: X-Road platform 2017 Estonia
PES Practice: A databank for PES employees to share innovative ideas 2016 Austria
PES Practice: Internal and external performance assessment 2016 Austria
PES Practice: Local PES office clusters 2016 Germany
PES Practice: Employee Engagement Index 2016 Germany
PES Practice: Improving PES by measuring customer satisfaction and implementing manager bonuses 2016 Netherlands
PES Practice: InnovAction: a collaborative platform to put ideas into practice 2016 France
PES Practice: Project database 2016 Austria
PES Practice: Quality assessment of Individual Action Plans (IAP) 2016 Estonia
PES Practice: Employment Stimulus 2016 Portugal
PES Practice: One-stop-shop agencies provide preventive guidance and employment services 2016 Germany
PES Practice: Online guidance for highly qualified young jobseekers 2016 Belgium
PES Practice: PES working with schools in Austria – with a focus on the practice in Vienna 2016 Austria
PES Practice: Service Vouchers 2015 Belgium
PES Practice: AMS Balanced Scorecard (BSC) 2016 Austria
PES Practice: Acquisition of work experience for new entrants to the labour market 2015 Greece
PES Practice: Activation and job search support 2015 Belgium
PES Practice: Ballymun Youth Guarantee Pilot Project 2016 Ireland
PES Practice: Business start-up grant 2015 Italy
PES Practice: CallCemm – E-centre for labour market services 2015 Romania
PES Practice: Career consultations 2015 Latvia
PES Practice: Career entry supervision 2015 Germany
PES Practice: Certified youth workers to work with youth at risk 2016 Lithuania
PES Practice: Coaching for working life 2015 Estonia
PES Practice: Community service jobs providing additional costs (§ 16d SGB II) 2015 Germany
PES Practice: Creation of new jobs by wage support (temporary contracts) 2015 Hungary
PES Practice: Education is a winning way 2015 Iceland
PES Practice: Employers’ Alliances 2015 Germany
PES Practice: Endowment for Relocation and Requalification 2015 Italy
PES Practice: Exercise as a warm–up for reintegration 2015 Netherlands
PES Practice: Family employment initiative 2015 UK
PES Practice: FiT - Women in crafts and technology 2015 Austria
PES Practice: Financial sanctions imposed on unemployment insurance benefit recipients 2015 Denmark
PES Practice: Fit for work Service pilots (FFWS) 2015 UK
PES Practice: Flexibility coaching for companies 2015 Austria
PES Practice: Getting long-term unemployed back to work 2015 Denmark
PES Practice: Getting your career back on track 2015 France
PES Practice: Handipass 2015 France
PES Practice: I can 2015 Bulgaria
PES Practice: Individual Employment Paths 2015 Poland
PES Practice: Individual Learning Account 2015 Italy
PES Practice: Integrating customer satisfaction measurement as a key indicator of performance management 2016 France
PES Practice: Integrating young people in foster care into the labour market 2015 Spain
PES Practice: Integration subsidy 2015 Germany
PES Practice: Introduction to working life 2015 Sweden
PES Practice: Job matching 2015 Spain
PES Practice: Job outcome target 2015 UK
PES Practice: Job simulation recruitment (RMS) method carried out by assessment centres 2015 France
PES Practice: Jobs for the future 2016 France
PES Practice: Kaleidoscope of work 2015 Poland
PES Practice: Labour market re-insertion of ex-offenders 2015 Spain
PES Practice: Life changing – Life shaping programme 2015 Hungary
PES Practice: Lifelong Career Guidance Centres (LLCG Centres) 2016 Croatia
PES Practice: Management by objectives 2015 Latvia
PES Practice: New jobs for the unemployed (OAED) programme 2015 Greece
PES Practice: On-the-job training for students - Graduate Activate and employ yourself! 2015 Slovenia
PES Practice: PES Tutors in upper secondary schools Pilot Project 2016 Norway
PES Practice: Pre-apprenticeship training 2015 Germany
PES Practice: Promotion of self-employed for new entrepreneurs and creation on new enterprises 2015 Greece
PES Practice: Reintegration Scheme for Partially Disabled Workers (WGA) 2015 Netherlands
PES Practice: Self-employment 2015 Netherlands
PES Practice: Sheltered employment in the ’Util Deco‘ authorised protected units 2015 Romania
PES Practice: Skills-for-work schools and Job-learning centres 2015 Spain
PES Practice: Social mentoring 2015 Denmark
PES Practice: Socio-economic enterprises (SÖBs) 2015 Austria
PES Practice: Special Employment Centres (SEC) 2015 Spain
PES Practice: Start-up grant 2015 Finland
PES Practice: Step2work 2015 Netherlands
PES Practice: Subsidised work experiences for young graduates 2015 Slovakia
PES Practice: System 7/24 - The Employment Services Centre for Information and Consultation ‘Zielona Linia’ (Green Line) 2015 Poland
PES Practice: The Participation Ladder 2015 Netherlands
PES Practice: Training and Integration Contract (PFI) 2015 Belgium
PES Practice: Training support and guidance actions 2015 Spain
PES Practice: Two-year employment promotion programme with social security contributions subsidisation 2015 Greece
PES Practice: Wage subsidy 2015 Estonia
PES Practice: Welfarma 2015 Italy
PES Practice: Work Support Contract (CAE scheme) 2015 Luxembourg
PES Practice: Work experience 2015 Italy
PES Practice: Work practice 2015 Estonia
PES Practice: Youth Job Programme 2015 Sweden
PES Practice: Youth to Action 2015 Iceland
PES Practice: Youth to Youth Integration (Unga In) 2016 Sweden
PES Practice: Claimant Service and Experience Survey 2016 UK
PES Practice: Measuring sustainable employment of PES customers 2016 Germany

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