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Apprentices find a job quicker, keep it longer and get better paid than other students. A smart way to start your career!

What are apprenticeships?

In an apprenticeship, you share your time between learning in school and training in a company. Normally you will have a contract with the company and get paid for your work. When you finish your apprenticeship, you receive a fully recognised diploma and qualification.

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What are the benefits?

You get valuable work experience that you can put on your CV, and good contacts in the industry or sector that can help you start your career. 2 in 3 get hired immediately after they finish their apprenticeship.

Europe needs more workers with practical skills and qualifications. In an apprenticeship you develop the skills that employers are looking for, which will boost your employability.

What is the EU doing?

The EU promotes apprenticeships through the European Alliance for Apprenticeships. Through the Youth Guarantee, you can have the right to an apprenticeship. Erasmus+ can sponsor your training abroad. Your first EURES Job can help you get installed for an apprenticeship in a new country.

Where can I find an apprenticeship?

The EU has established the Drop'pin platform for sharing for apprenticeship and other work-based learning opportunities. Most opportunities are still provided nationally through the vocational education and training system. You can contact the career adviser in your school to find out more information about apprenticeships.

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