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The Youth Guarantee country by country

Building on seven years of successful experience, Member States have now started to reinforce their Youth Guarantee implementation

The main infrastructures for the Youth Guarantee at national level were documented in Youth Guarantee implementation plans as of 2014. This followed the Council Recommendation of the original Youth Guarantee in 2013.

The plans identify the measures to be taken to implement the Youth Guarantee in each Member State. They outline timelines for youth employment reforms and measures, the roles of public authorities and other organisations, and how these activities will be financed.

Use the drop-down menu or the map above to find:

  • The implementation plan for a specific country, when published. All plans are published under the responsibility of the corresponding Member State.
  • National Youth Guarantee websites if available, with regular updates and/or the possibility for young people to register online.

In every Member State, a Youth Guarantee coordinator oversees the implementation of the Youth Guarantee at national level and acts as a contact person towards the European Union on the Youth Guarantee.

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