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The Youth Guarantee country by country

The implementation of the Youth Guarantee has started in all EU countries and is already bringing results. Compared to other structural reforms in Europe, the Youth Guarantee is probably one of the most rapidly implemented.

What are EU countries doing?

All EU countries have presented comprehensive Youth Guarantee Implementation Plans, complying with the deadlines set by the European Council.

The plans identify precisely the measures to be taken to implement the Youth Guarantee. They outline the timeframe for youth employment reforms and measures, the roles of public authorities and other organisations, and how it will be financed.

Use the drop-down menu or the map above to get the plan for a specific country, when published. All plans are published under the responsibility of the corresponding Member State.

Some Member States have also set up national Youth Guarantee websites, with regular updates and/or the possibility for young people to register online. Use the drop-down menu or the map above to get to these websites, when they exist.

The implementation of national plans is now underway. EU countries are making substantial efforts to implement the Youth Guarantee, which has proven to be a driver for structural reforms. The Joint Employment Reports 2017 and 2018 list promising steps with concrete examples in many countries.

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