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Hessenkonzept zur Lernortkooperation im Bereich digital unterstützten Lernens / Hessenkonzept for learning location cooperation in the area of digitally supported learning

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Organisation name:Arbeitgeberverband Chemie und verwandte Industrien für das Land Hessen e. V. (HessenChemie)
Type of organisation:Social partners
Organisation operations:Education and training, Other sector(s)
* Others Sector: Representative organisation
Start date:11/03/2020
Contact person(s):Daniel Schrapp, M.A.
Presentation of the member:

HessenChemie comprises of 310 member companies with around 105,000 employees from the chemical-pharmaceutical and plastics processing industries as well as other industry-related service companies. The sector had the highest turnover in the State of Hesse (€270 billion in 2018). HessenChemie represents the collective bargaining and socio-political interests of its members in the trade union, politics, the media and the public. In 2018, Hessian chemical companies offering vocational training raised the number of training places to a total of 1,610 in more than 50 different professions. An additional 97 apprentice positions were created by companies of the plastics processing industry. Through the labour contract "Zukunft durch Ausbildung“ (Success through Vocational Training) concluded with both the chemical and plastics processing industry, the companies have commited themselves to offer training places to all young people seeking vocational training.

Description of the Pledge:

We pledge to improve the quality and image of apprenticeships through the Hessenkonzept, a Hesse-wide pilot project developed with our project partners: the Association of the Chemical Industry e. V. / regional association for Hesse (VCI Hessen), Provadis Partner für Bildung und Beratung GmbH and the German Children and Young People Foundation (DKJS).
The aim of our project is to strengthen the quality of the dual training system and its learning locations for companies and vocational schools for the benefit of trainees and companies, especially in the area of digitally supported learning. To achive this, ten tandems from training companies and vocational schools across Hesse are involved. Companies and schools send up to 3 people to the respective tandem. We will contribute to enhancing the image of apprenticeships throughout the project phases by adversitising the Hessenkonzept in the press and on social media. 

Pledged to improve the quality of apprenticeships
Key activities:

We will strengthen the quality of apprenticeships by supporting the joint qualification of trainers and vocational school teachers for digitally supported learning. The 10 tandems involved in the project will receive practical and technical inputs at 6 one-day networking meetings. The inputs are based on 12 key topics including a learning platform for a stronger exchange between vocational schools and training companies or methods and tools for a sensible use of media in digitally supported learning. The offer is supplemented by 5 needs-based webinars and online collaboration. 

Date: 24/10/2022
Pledged to enhance the image of apprenticeships
Key activities:

We aim to enhance the image of apprenticeships by providing an overview of the Hessian project through the ‘Digital Kick-off’ meeting which will bring together vocational schools and companies. The Hessian Ministry of Education and Ministry of Economy are also represented on the project’s advisory board. In this way, the Hessenkonzept and thus the strengthening of learning location cooperation and image of apprenticeships should also be addressed politically. In addition, the project partners will advertise the Hessenkonzept using classic press work and social media.

Date: 24/10/2022
Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V. / Landesverband Hessen (VCI Hessen)Representative organisationProject partner
Provadis Partner für Bildung und Beratung GmbHEducation and training providersProject partner
Gemeinnützige Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung GmbH (DKJS)Non-profit/youth organisationsProject partner
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