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Network of legal experts (MoveS)

MoveS is a network of independent experts in the field of intra-EU mobility.

MoveS stands for Free Movement of Workers and Social Security Coordination. The network is funded by the European Commission. It covers the 27 EU countries, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Reports and ad hoc support

The network provides the Commission with legal expertise in the areas of free movement of workers and social security coordination through thematic legal reports and ad hoc analytical support.

MoveS reports will be published on this page.

The reports from the former FreSsco network can be found under ‘related documents’.

Seminars and information sharing

MoveS also plays a role in increasing experts’ and practitioners’ knowledge on free movement of workers and social security coordination in Europe by:

  • organising seminars
  • sharing information
  • building networks between stakeholders

Each year, approximately 10 MoveS seminars are organised throughout Europe. The seminars are targeted at representatives of social partners and NGOs, civil servants, judges, lawyers, academics and other stakeholders in the field of free movement of workers and social security coordination.

MoveS also promotes the sharing of information through a dedicated LinkedIn group on free movement of workers and social security coordination.


MoveS relies on a team of legal experts in each of the 32 countries covered by the project (national experts), complemented with analytical experts with EU-wide expertise in the field.

MoveS is managed by a consortium comprising EFTHEIA and Deloitte Consulting & Advisory, in collaboration with the University of Ljubljana and the University of Poitiers.

You can contact MoveS at moves@eftheia.eu 

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