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The "A-Z of coordination" is an online e-learning module initially developed under the former trESS project (2005-2013) and currently maintained by the FreSsco project. The A-Z of coordination explains the basic principles and functioning of the EU social security coordination regulations by reference to some 70 keywords and almost 200 questions & answers. Frequent use is made of links between keywords and between different Q&A. The A-Z of coordination is aimed at a broad audience consisting of both interested citizens and professionals.
A Electronic exchange of social security information (EESSI) Personal scope
Accidents at work Equal treatment of benefits, income, facts or events Portable documents
Administrative Commission Export of benefits Posting
Administrative cooperation F Pre-retirement benefits
Adoption allowances Family benefits Proratisation
Advances of maintenance payments Free movement of workers R
Aggregation of periods Frontier worker Refugee
Applicable legislation H Residence
Assimilation of facts Harmonisation of social security S
B I Self-employed person
Benefits Incapacity for work Sickness benefits in cash
Benefits for victims of war Information to and from citizens Sickness benefits in kind
C Invalidity pensions Social assistance
Childbirth allowances L Social security risks
Child-raising periods Labour promotion Special non-contributory cash benefits
Citizen of the EU Legislation Stay
Civil servant Long-term care benefits Stateless person
Collection of contributions M Structured electronic documents
Collective labour agreement Material scope Survivor
Competent Member State Maternity benefits Survivors’ benefits
Contributory benefits Medical care T
Conventions on social security Member of the family Territorial scope
Coordination of social security N Third-country nationals
D Nationality Transitional provisions
Death grants Non-contributory benefits U
Derived rights O Unemployment benefits
Dialogue and conciliation procedure Occupational disease V
Discrimination Old-age pensions Voluntary insurance
E P  
Employed person Paternity benefits  

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