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Introducing the future of Public Procurement: Public Buyers Platform

European Public Procurement is about to have its own collaborative platform! The Public Buyers Community Platform will facilitate stakeholder networking, knowledge and best practice exchange, dissemination of the latest market news, and collective efforts to actively advance public procurement.

Discover the Helpdesk on Green and Socially Responsible Public Procurement

Looking to make environmentally-friendly purchasing decisions while boosting social inclusion and equality? The European Commission's Helpdesk on Green Public Procurement (GPP) and Socially Responsible Public Procurement (SRPP) offers accurate and timely answers to your questions. Find out more on the website!

Foreign Subsidies Regulation about to enter into force

The Regulation on foreign subsidies, aiming at ensuring fair competition on the EU single market by setting new rules for subsidies granted by non-EU member states, will soon enter into force and provide the Commission with new powers and tools concerning both concentrations and public procurement cases involving foreign subsidies.

The European Solar Alliance: the start of a “Made in Europe” solar value chain

On 9th December, the Commission launched the European Solar Photovoltaic Industry Alliance, aimed at scaling up manufacturing technologies of solar photovoltaic products and components in order to establish a “Made in Europe” solar value chain. The EU’s Commissioner for the Single Market referred to procurement as a fundamental tool to achieve this objective.

New year, new public procurement opportunities!

The end of 2022 is rapidly approaching. During this year, many objectives have been achieved, but there is always room for collective growth on the topic of public procurement. What can you expect from next year? Read this editorial to have a taste of 2023!

Meet the winners of the European Innovation Procurement Awards!

On 8th December, the European Innovation Council awarded the European Innovation Procurement Awards (EUIPA). This year’s finalists and winners empower the EU’s public sector to offer cutting-edge solutions to speed up the economic recovery, building a digital, sustainable, and resilient Europe. Curious to meet the winners?

Big Buyers for the Environment? It is possible and this is how

“Let’s talk the same language and we can change the market”: this was the main takeaway of the first Annual Big Buyers Symposium, held in Brussels on November 9th. More than 60 participants met to draw conclusions on their two-year collaboration under the framework of the Big Buyer Initiative. We have interviewed some of them and this is what they told us.

Interview: Big Buyers Achievements

Following the Big Buyer closing event, we have interviewed Marit Hepsø and Philip Mortensen from the City of Oslo on the main achievements of this initiative.

Inclusive Public Procurement: the New Frontier of Sustainable Development

The new Playbook on Inclusive Public procurement published by the UNDP Business Call to Action highlights seven strategies to encourage public buyers to meet citizens’ needs with initiatives that maximise economic, social and environmental benefits in an equitable manner. In this article, we explore this new frontier of sustainable procurement: who are inclusive businesses? And how can public buyers bring them on board?

A European Solar PV industry alliance: the role of the public buyer

On the 11th of October the Commission formally endorsed a new Solar Photovoltaic Industry Alliance, with the aim of scaling up manufacturing technologies of innovative solar photovoltaic products and components in the EU. This will contribute to accelerating the deployment of solar power across the EU and improving the resilience of the EU's energy system. The Alliance is one of the concrete initiatives of the EU Solar Strategy, adopted in May 2022 as part of the REPowerEU Action Plan, which will help the EU reach over 320 GW of newly installed solar photovoltaic capacity by 2025, and almost 600 GW by 2030. DG GROW C2 is working together with Dutch Pianoo to establish an EU level buying group on sustainable Solar PV so that this important work can be connected to the work of the Solar Alliance.

SPP Helpdesk webinar "Public procurement of Nature-based solutions"

The third European Commission’s SPP Helpdesk service webinar of 2022 will take place on October 6th at 11am-12:15pm CET. It will introduce and explain what are Nature-Based Solutions, how they relate to public procurement, and will present the practical experience of three public authorities from the Netherlands, Poland and Italy in purchasing the implementation of these solutions.

EU4Health call for proposals - support for public procurement in the health sector and crises preparedness

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a need for coordination and cooperation at a European, national, regional and even local level in the health sector. The pandemic has unveiled already-existing weaknesses in EU countries’ supply chain and public procurement. The aim of the call is to support EU countries in organising a thorough assessment of public procurement in the health sector at national and/or regional level . The call is expected to: - Develop new/ improved national and regional strategies on public procurement; - Make current practices more resilient and efficient all over the Union; - Increase preparedness for future health crises. The total budget amounts to € 5 million The deadline for applications is 21 February 2023, 17:00 (CET).