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Stop food waste!

Around 88 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year in Europe. An alarming figure!

Know your pollinators

What do a carpenter bee, a German wasp and a hummingbird hawk-moth have in common? They are all pollinating insects whose role is crucial to the environment.

Treasure hunt on the farm

Anna and Tom are going to spend the day on Uncle Jack's farm, where a surprise awaits them: a treasure hunt! It's a rather different kind of treasure hunt because, over the various stages, the children will learn lots of things about farming, such as how jam is made, the process of pollination and many other things.

European Charlemagne Youth Prize

Since 2008 the Charlemagne Prize has been awarded annually to youth-led projects that foster cooperation and understanding in Europe and at international level. Are you an EU resident aged between 16 and 30 working on a project to help Europe to progress?

Match the landmarks

The European Union is made up of 27 countries… 27 Member States, all different, but united around this blue flag with its twelve golden stars. This diversity is a genuine asset and can be seen in famous monuments, landmarks and landscapes.