ISA² - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens

A platform for sharing knowledge, good practices and IT solutions in the public sector


2016.20 Joinup, the European collaborative platform and catalogue

When is this action of interest to you? 

You are involved in the modernisation of public administration in your country. You are looking for good practices and reusable IT solutions to provide high quality public services in an efficient way.

You would like to publish and share an IT solution that your administration has developed.

You would like to collaborate with professionals from standardisation bodies, IT enterprises and public organisations in order to develop common IT services, software or specifications for public administrations.

What is this action about?

In the past, information on IT solutions for the public sector used to be scattered across numerous repositories and websites, making it hard to find data and to reuse already available tools. The European Commission answered this problem by establishing Joinup, a platform that gives the opportunity to share and reuse IT solutions and good practices with other professionals across Europe and beyond. The platform, set up with support of the ISA Programme, is freely accessible and facilitates communication and collaboration on common projects between public administrations. In addition, Joinup works as a catalogue, where users can easily find and download already developed solutions.

Under the current ISA2 Programme, the Commission is aiming to further enhance Joinup's functionalities. The main focus is on:

  1. Making the platform more user friendly, e.g. by improving navigation for users and providing better support on mobile devices
  2. Revising the catalogue, while applying a stricter quality check that will result in a significant reduction of solutions and help promote high quality and well-documented projects
  3. Implementing the European Interoperability Cartography within Joinup, to offer a structured set of building blocks and solutions (according to the European Interoperability Reference Architecture), thus supporting public administrations in providing interoperable services
  4. Implementing the European Catalogue of ICT Standards for Public Procurement on Joinup.

What are the objectives?

The objective is to provide a platform for sharing and reusing of IT solutions and good practices in the public sector, to help public administrations deliver fast, affordable and interoperable services to citizens.

Joinup is a meeting place and a collaborative working environment for the development of interoperability solutions. Joinup hosts communities of practice, such as:

Joinup offers a catalogue, helping to find open source software solutions, interoperability assets and models such as the Interoperability Maturity Model of a Public Service (IMAPS) and the European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA).

The target audience includes all those using, developing and implementing e-government solutions. The site focusses on the European public sector, but the projects are open to all others.

What are the benefits?

For public administrations and European Commission services

  • More affordable development of IT solutions, as well as enabling communication related to them through Joinup
  • The possibility to focus on the actual development of IT solutions instead of spending resources on building individual platforms for specific projects
  • Easier searching for information on available IT solutions in the public sector
  • Interoperable IT solutions that can contribute to improved coherence of public services across Europe, making it easier for public administrations to cooperate
  • The possibility to grow the professional network

For the European Commission

For citizens

  • More efficient public services thanks to sharing and reusing of IT solutions in the public sector

For the private sector

  • The possibility to access Joinup, learn about the actual needs of public administrators and develop more suitable products

What has been already achieved?

  • Completion of federation of Member States repositories in Joinup. Initially, the federation of the Spanish CTT (Technology Transfer Centre) repository and then the federation of the Slovenian NIO (Slovenian Interoperability Portal). Those are the first repositories federated under the Drupal 8 version of Joinup and with the ADMS - v2 specification.
  • Identification of candidate repositories and scheduling next phase of Federated Repositories in 2020.
  • Introduction of persistent URIs (PURI) in Joinup for the Architectural Building Blocks of EIRA, so that each user can navigate through the entire EIRA definitions in Joinup without opening a session in CarTool in collaboration with Publications Office.
  • Development of Joinup Licensing Assistant under EUPL, a unique tool allowing everyone to compare and select open licences based on their content.
  • The development team of Joinup contributed to the open source community of Drupal in Joinup Github with more than 15.000 reusable features.
  • A Roadmap for developments with a specific overview of new features, functionalities and improvements following stakeholder’s recommendations. User requirements properly captured and followed-up on a day-to-day basis.
  • Execution of numerous communications activities such as webinars, news items, newsletters, User Group meetings.
  • Increased user engagement and awareness by focusing on the user engagement of existing users and on attracting more users to the majority of solutions in joinup.

What are the next steps?

  • Share and reuse Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens.
  • Improve the platform with new functionalities and integrations such as EU Login and advanced search functionality among others; improve the reference point to find solutions supporting the creation of efficient and modern public services.
  • Further, enhance the catalogue of solutions – by federating new repositories managed by public administrations in EU Member States and other standardisation bodies.
  • Foster the reuse and co-development of the platform by further promoting the Joinup platform as an authentic source of information around eGovernment and ICT in the public sector in the EU, and a one stop shop for sharing and re-using IT solutions for EU public administrations,
  • Maintain and update the Joinup Licencing Assistant.
  • Ensure the integration of Joinup in Digital Europe and especially support the accomplishment the Specific Objective 5: ‘’Deployment, best use of digital capacity and interoperability’’ of the upcoming Digital Europe Programme for the period 2021-2027.