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    NIT - New Infrared Technologies

    The requirements of the Industry 4.0 towards a ‘zero-defect’ goal are demanding continuous, smart monitoring and real-time control of the manufacturing process. Thanks to a unique technology and to the MASHES outcome, NIT is implementing today the technology of tomorrow, bringing into the market two innovative solutions for quality assurance and process control of laser-based processes.

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    How to create your AR project without knowing to code ? And if it were a soudwalk project ? A collective musical game ? An alternate reality game... If you have a device with a web-browser, you can build your project while simply assembling blocks in and share it through the web or the stores.

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    Transilvania University of Brasov

    In recent years machine learning algorithms, and specifically Deep Neural Networks, have shown promising results for a wide variety of use cases that demand medical data interpretation. When employing machine learning in applications that involve sensitive data, privacy and security risks may arise as the raw or personal data access is required. To address this vulnerability, herein we adapt the current Deep Learning algorithms to operate on encrypted input data and generate meaningful encrypted results without requiring decryption.

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    Big data are pushing work on shop floors to new heights of speed and productivity but the human interaction with these technologies is still made trough devices which are not designed for daily usage in industrial environments and which are counterproductive: GlassUp F4 is a AR goggle specifically designed to boost productivity in industries and professional environments.

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    Graz University of Technology

    The identification of metabolites of new and existing drugs and their pharmaco-kinetic properties, possible toxicity and persistence in the human blood stream is often limited by their availability. While it is difficult to make such chemicals by classical chemical synthesis, respective enzymes were not available or fragile. New robust biocatalysts from this project enable new studies and applications in pharmaceutical development and facilitate the discovery and testing of new drug candidates.

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    MTA SzTAKI - Hungarian Academy of Science

    Human–robot collaboration in production offers a new opportunity for competitiveness. Beyond the essential problem of safety, the efficient sharing of work and workspace between human and robot requires new communication interfaces. Our innovation is a dynamic context-aware and bi-directional, multi-modal communication system that was developed and implemented for supporting human operators in collaborative assembly. The goal was to provide a safe, dynamic, intuitive and cost effective working environment hosting immersive and symbiotic collaboration between human workers and robots.

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    No more dark clouds. Researchers from RISE have accomplished a holistic data privacy and security by design framework which enables security annotations, transparently in your IDE, transformed into context-aware security policies that enforce access control, cryptographic protection and physical distribution for securing sensitive data.

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    OPI Photonics

    OPI Photonics produces innovative optical systems to combine high-power laser beams and select the beam spot size for multiple processing requirement: the system can deliver high-peak pulsed and kW-class continuous laser beams to the same process head (including scanning head).

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    Contact Centers (CC) are an important business for Europe: 35,000 Contact Centers generate 3.2 Million jobs (~1% of Europe’s active population). A typical CC produces a wealth of multilingual spoken data that is nowadays mined by humans (usually varies between 1-3%). Our innovation facilitate CCs to automatically analyse 100% of calls and get the useful insight into the behaviour of their customers automatically.

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