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    In the next 20 years, drones are expected to have an increasing impact on people's lives. However, current drone technology only allows its application to tasks that require it to "see” from air, while there are major opportunities for drones if they could also “touch and feel”.

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    BITalino is a low-cost hardware and open-source software toolkit to learn and prototype biomedical applications. It has been primarily designed for students, teachers, makers, artists, researchers and corporate R&D, with no electrical skills being required.

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    Airoptic’s disruptive gas sensor, based on a novel light source, developed within frame of the EU-funded MIREGAS project can be easily deployed in strategic points on oil rigs or in industrial areas, allowing dozens of gases to be

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    With city lighting accounting for 15% of the world’s electricity consumption, city planners are driven to look for energy-saving technologies for their street lighting systems.

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    A new multi-purpose, force-sensitive, rather flexible and strong arm which can be used in many situations and environments. It uses new versatile electrical actuators working with a screw and a cable to produce linear amplification and transmission of the effort to the articulation.

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    Visual Atoms

    Society and industry generates massive volumes of valuable visual data – billions of images and videos – but we lack sophisticated recognition tools to discover the information we need.

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    Thinkinside SRL

    ThinkIN uses web analytics to turn physical spaces into smart environments, by monitoring and analysing the movement of people and assets in real-time and transforming it into actionable KPIs which are used to recommend interventions for optimising the efficiency of processes and for enhancing cu

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