Interoperability is the ability of any system to work with other products or systems without any restrictions or limitations. It is a system that can connect and communicate across platforms where information can be exchanged and reused.

Organisations that maintain CV databases, that operate IT systems where end-users fill in a profile, that process candidate applications or that provide databases of information to be published on Europass, benefit from interoperability with the new Europass offers.

Ongoing work

With Europass, users can:

  • Share their Europass with other platforms instead of re-filling all their data into online forms;
  • Use their Europass to apply online for jobs or further training;
  • Find the opportunities that are relevant for them;
  • Always control the personal data in their profile, with whom it is shared and how it is used.



Why should Europass be interoperable?

The new Europass strives to be a free tool that is reusable by anyone who is interested to use its services. It is a system built with an inherent need for cooperation so the services cannot be monopolised or misused. It is being developed at the European Union level with a goal to be adaptable to all national level systems and mechanisms. Interoperability achieves these goals by providing the means to share and exchange the services while ensuring data protection and a secure process.

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