Information Provision

One of the main objectives of the new Europass platform is to meet the needs of its end-users. Therefore developing, structuring and connecting content will follow a user-oriented approach.

Ongoing work




The approach to information provision on the new Europass platform is to first ensure that those topics listed in Article 3(2) of the EU Decision on Europass are covered:

  • learning opportunities;
  • qualifications and qualifications frameworks or systems;
  • opportunities for validation of non-formal and informal learning;
  • recognition practices and relevant legislation in different countries, including third countries; and
  • services offering guidance for transnational learning mobility and career management;

A comprehensive approach to content

While retaining many of the successful and essential aspects of the current platform, the new Europass will provide additional features and functionalities through web-based tools. The new platform will have regular user-testing to make sure that it adapts to user needs. 

All different types of content and information will be well-structured, connected and complete. It will also have all information from related resources connected so different categories of users can find the information that they look for. All the different sources of associated information is in the process of being audited, analyzed and structured to prepare for a smooth migration to the new platform.

The content strategy for the new Europass will encompass a strategic transition phase from the current Europass along with the development of new content that is easy to use, access and share. 


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