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Glossary:Land use

Land use refers to the socio-economic purpose of the land. Areas of land can be used for residential, industrial, agricultural, forestry, recreational, transport etc. purposes.

Often the same land is used for several purposes at the same time; e.g., woodland can be use for forestry, hunting and recreational purposes.

The main classes in the LUCAS land use nomenclature are as follows:

U110 Agriculture
U120 Forestry
U130 Fishing
U140 Mining and quarrying
U150 Hunting
U210 Energy production
U220 Industry and manufacturing
U310 Transport, communication networks, storage and protective works
U320 Water and waste treatment
U330 Construction
U340 Commerce, finance and business
U350 Community services
U360 Recreational, leisure and sport
U370 Residential
U400 Unused

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