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Glossary:Land cover

Land cover refers to the observed (bio)physical cover of the Earth's surface.

The main classes in the LUCAS land cover nomenclature are as follows:

A00 Artificial land
B00 Cropland
C00 Woodland
D00 Shrubland
E00 Grassland
F00 Bareland
G00 Water areas
H00 Wetland

Various biophysical categories can be distinguished:

  • areas of vegetation (trees, bushes, crops, grasses, herbs);
  • artificial land (buildings, roads);
  • bare soil (rock, sand);
  • wet areas and bodies of water (sheets of water and watercourses, wetland).

Land cover corresponds to the physical coverage of the earth’s surface.

Land cover can be observed in many ways, e.g. by field visits, aerial photographs or satellite sensors.

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