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EBSI Verifiable Credentials

Reducing the time and cost of verification is a challenge that cannot be met with blockchain alone. EBSI's Verifiable Credentials Use Case Family focuses on making information easy to verify, but impossible to fake.


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Verifiable Credentials Explained

All Verifiable Credentials have in common that they are based on a self-sovereign information sharing pattern where the Holders (subjects) of credentials are in control of how, when, and by whom their information is verified, via an EBSI Conformant wallet. This all is done by implementing the W3C's Verifiable Credentials standard, to ensure wide adoption and compatibility. Below you will find a series of publications that will walk you through the technologies that make it possible for Public Administrations and Businesses to easily verify and trust information received directly from Citizens (or Businesses).

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Explore the specifications in details by consulting the VC Playbook.

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